$16 an hour with a MASTER’S DEGREE⁉️


In today’s challenging economic climate, many individuals with advanced degrees find themselves facing financial hardships that they never anticipated. One such person is Benny Johnson, a highly educated and dedicated teacher who is struggling to make ends meet despite having a Master’s degree.

The Frustration of Financial Struggles

Benny Johnson is a graduate of Florida State University, where she excelled both academically and professionally. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and continued her education to obtain a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. With a stellar 4.0 GPA, Benny was poised to make a difference in the lives of her students. However, the harsh reality of living expenses quickly dampened her dreams.

A Dream Deferred

Benny’s passion for teaching led her to pursue a career in education. Unfortunately, the salary she now earns hardly allows her to live independently. Despite working tirelessly, including long hours of lesson planning and grading, Benny finds herself struggling to get by. She dedicates approximately 50 to 60 hours per week to her profession, ensuring that her students receive the best education possible.

Financial Calculation

It is disheartening for Benny to realize that her Master’s degree, which required years of hard work and dedication, only translates to an hourly wage of approximately $16. Considering the number of hours she puts into her career, the compensation hardly seems fair or sustainable. It is a perplexing situation for someone with Benny’s level of education and experience.

High Cost of Living in Texas

Living with her parents in Texas, Benny still struggles to save money due to the exorbitant cost of living in the state. Expenses, including groceries and rent, continue to rise, making it nearly impossible for Benny to save for a house of her own. Her dreams of financial security and independence seem distant and unattainable.

A Widespread Issue

Benny Johnson’s story is not unique. Many Americans face similar challenges with the high cost of living and minimal savings. The dream of homeownership, once a cornerstone of the American dream, feels unachievable for individuals like Benny. They find themselves frustrated and helpless, wondering if there will ever be relief from this cycle of financial struggle.

The Need for Change

It is clear that a significant change is required to address this issue. Affordable housing and improved financial security should not be unattainable goals for hardworking individuals with advanced degrees. The current system fails to adequately compensate these professionals, leaving them in dire financial situations.


Benny Johnson’s experience sheds light on the reality of the current economic climate. Despite her educational achievements and dedication to her profession, she finds herself earning a meager wage that makes it difficult to achieve financial stability. Her story highlights the need for substantial changes to make housing affordable and improve the financial security of individuals like Benny. As a society, we must strive to create an environment where hard work and education are rewarded with financial prosperity, rather than perpetuating a cycle of struggle.

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