25 States Join Texas in Fight Against Federal Government | Trailer | Facts Matter


In this captivating video review, we will delve into the riveting content presented by The Epoch Times in their latest release, titled “25 States Join Texas in Fight Against Federal Government | Trailer | Facts Matter”. The video sheds light on a pressing issue: the federal government’s release of a staggering 6.2 million illegal immigrants into the country over the course of the past three years. If these individuals were classified as a state, they would rank as the 18th largest in the nation. This video highlights the actions taken by Texas, specifically Operation Lone Star, a comprehensive $2 billion program aimed at securing the state’s border with Mexico.

The Fight for Secure Borders

Under Operation Lone Star, Texas has executed various measures to safeguard its borders and protect its citizens. This program encompasses a multitude of initiatives, including the deployment of buoys to monitor illegal border crossings and allowing local judges to order deportations. Additionally, Texas has mobilized National Guard troops to bolster border security efforts.

One notable move by Texas has been the blocking of federal agents from accessing individuals who entered the country unlawfully. This state-level intervention demonstrates Texas’ commitment to enforcing its own border policies and alleviating the strain caused by the federal government’s inadequate approach to immigration.

Resources and Support

To provide viewers with insightful resources, The Epoch Times accompanies the video with important documentation. This includes a declaration by Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, outlining the urgency of addressing this issue, as well as a Supreme Court decision related to immigration policy. These resources contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the context surrounding the video.

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The Power of Unity

The fight against the federal government’s immigration policies has not gone unnoticed. Texas has garnered significant support, with 25 states joining forces to challenge the federal government in this matter. This collective effort highlights the gravity of the situation and underscores the importance of strong state-level action to address the issue of immigration.

In conclusion, The Epoch Times’ video “25 States Join Texas in Fight Against Federal Government | Trailer | Facts Matter” provides a thought-provoking exploration of the federal government’s release of 6.2 million illegal immigrants into the country. The actions taken by Texas, under Operation Lone Star, serve as an exemplary demonstration of proactive border security measures. With additional resources and informative support provided, this video serves to empower viewers with knowledge and awareness. By exposing this critical issue and calling for support, The Epoch Times sheds light on the power of unity in fighting against inadequate immigration policies.

(Note: Please note that the actual video content was not available, and all information provided in this article is based on the given topics and context.)