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Georgia Election Board Takes Action: Fulton County Reprimanded, Independent Monitor Appointed for 2024 Election


In a groundbreaking move, the Georgia Election Board convened on Tuesday to address critical issues surrounding election integrity. The board voted unanimously to reprimand Fulton County for its violations of state laws during the recount of the 2020 presidential election.

This decision marks a significant step in ensuring the transparency and fairness of future elections in the county. An independent monitor will be appointed to oversee the upcoming 2024 election, ensuring adherence to election laws and regulations.

The investigation into Fulton County’s election practices uncovered substantial evidence of irregularities, including the exclusion of election observers and the handling of suspicious ballots during the wee hours of the night. These findings have raised concerns about the integrity of the election process and the need for immediate corrective measures.

The Georgia Election Board’s decision to reprimand Fulton County and appoint an independent monitor sends a clear message that election violations will not be tolerated. This action underscores the board’s commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring the sanctity of the electoral process for all citizens of Georgia.

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