Activists throw LIVE MICE into McDonalds 🐁😳


Have you ever come across a news headline that left you in utter shock and disbelief? Well, brace yourself for this one: “Activists throw LIVE MICE into McDonalds 🐁😳”. Yes, you read it right. This bizarre incident has sparked outrage and controversy, leaving people divided on the issue. In this article, we will explore the reasons why you might reconsider supporting Palestine and how this shocking video could potentially change your perspective.

Reasons to not support Palestine

  1. The video shows the belongings inside: The aforementioned video captured activists engaging in a rather shocking act of throwing live mice into a McDonald’s restaurant. It is hard not to question their motives and the consequences of their actions. Such behavior is not only unhygienic but also raises concerns regarding food safety and public health.

  2. Successful mission accomplished: These activists aimed to disrupt the operations of McDonald’s by creating chaos and instilling fear among customers and employees. Their actions were orchestrated with the intent to hinder the normal functioning of a well-established business, which raises questions about their ethics and respect for private property.

  3. The illness is primarily mental: The video brings to light the mental state of the individuals involved. It is clear that their actions go beyond the boundaries of rational behavior. Tossing live animals into a fast-food establishment is not only cruel but also indicates potential mental instability. Supporting Palestinians may inadvertently endorse such irrational behavior.

  4. The doors are closed: Many argue that resorting to extreme measures, like throwing live mice, is ineffective in achieving any meaningful change. These activists seemingly closed the doors to peaceful dialogue and constructive engagement, instead opting for shocking actions that only serve to polarize and alienate people.

  5. All the stuff is there: Supporters of Palestine may argue that their cause is just and that such extreme actions should not overshadow the larger issue at hand. However, using sensational tactics and resorting to violence undermines their cause, as it distracts from the core issues and fails to garner widespread support.

The video provides evidence against supporting Palestine

  1. You should reconsider supporting Palestine: This shocking video serves as an alarming example of the tactics employed by some Palestine supporters. It encourages viewers to take a step back and reevaluate whether such behavior aligns with their principles and values.

  2. The situation appears to be a mental illness: The activists’ actions displayed in the video suggest a distorted perception of reality and a disregard for the well-being of others. Supporters of Palestine must consider whether associating themselves with such behavior is in line with their overall objectives.

This content may change your perspective on supporting Palestine

It is essential to approach the Palestine-Israel conflict with an open mind and a willingness to critically evaluate the actions taken by supporters on both sides. While some advocates may resort to extreme tactics, it is crucial not to generalize and paint an entire movement with a broad brush. However, contemplating the consequences of supporting a cause that tolerates, or even encourages, such shocking acts is necessary.


The incident involving activists throwing live mice into a McDonald’s raises numerous questions about the methods employed by some Palestine supporters. It is imperative to consider the implications of aligning yourself with individuals or organizations that resort to such disturbing actions. While the Palestine-Israel conflict is complex and multifaceted, sensational tactics only serve to detract from the core issues at hand. This video may indeed change your perspective on supporting Palestine, urging you to critically evaluate the choices you make in supporting any cause.

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