Biden Has Mental MELTDOWN LIVE in Front Of MILLIONS On New Years Eve! Jill PANICS: ‘Cut The FEED’ 🥴


In this article, we will delve into a recent interview that President Joe Biden gave on New Year’s Eve. The interview, which was viewed by millions of people, took place in Times Square and has sparked quite a bit of controversy. Throughout the interview, there were several moments that left viewers scratching their heads and questioning President Biden’s mental state. We will also explore the reactions of those present during the interview, including Dr. Jill Biden, and touch upon some of the topics that were mentioned during the conversation.

Biden’s Incoherent Interview

During the New Year’s Eve interview, President Biden seemed to struggle with coherence at times. His responses were often disjointed and lacked clarity, causing confusion among both viewers and those present at the interview. This left many wondering if the President was experiencing some cognitive difficulties.

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Amidst the incoherence, President Biden urged viewers to subscribe to the podcast and sign up for The Benny Newsletter. It’s interesting to note that he mentioned these two forms of media as if they were already well-known and widely subscribed to, even though many viewers may not have been aware of their existence. This raised questions about the President’s awareness of popular culture and trends.

Cringe-worthy Moments

Throughout the interview, there were several cringe-worthy moments that caught the attention of viewers. President Biden’s awkward pauses, stumbling over his words, and mispronunciations were difficult to watch. It seemed as though he was struggling to find the right words and articulate his thoughts coherently. These uncomfortable moments left many viewers feeling uneasy and concerned about the President’s mental state.

Ryan CEST’s Reaction

One person who was particularly affected by President Biden’s interview was Ryan CEST. As an observer in the crowd, Ryan CEST couldn’t help but cringe during the President’s incoherent moments. This reaction was shared by many who witnessed the interview firsthand.

Food Mentions

During the interview, President Biden made a few references to food. He mentioned eating pasta, chicken parmesan, and ice cream. While these references may seem relatively innocuous, they further added to the randomness and lack of coherence exhibited by the President during the interview.

Dr. Jill Biden’s Presence

Throughout the interview, Dr. Jill Biden, the President’s wife, was also present. She appeared to be concerned about her husband’s performance, as there were moments when she seemed anxious and whispered to those around her. Her reactions raised questions about her thoughts regarding the President’s mental state.

Fashion Choices and Appearance Criticism

In addition to the concerns about President Biden’s mental state, there have also been criticisms of his fashion choices and appearance during the interview. Some viewers felt that his outfit was not appropriate for the occasion, while others pointed out that he appeared tired and lacked energy. These visual cues further contributed to the overall perception of a mental meltdown.

Topics Discussed by President Biden

Amidst the incoherent moments, President Biden touched upon a few topics. He mentioned the issue of jobs being shipped overseas and his determination to bring jobs back to the United States. This resonated with some viewers, as job security is an important concern for many Americans.

President Biden also expressed hope for a healthy and safe new year and expressed his belief in America’s ability to lead the world. These aspirations, although blurry in delivery, aimed to convey a positive outlook for the future.

Dr. Jill Biden’s Emphasis on Positivity and Kindness

Throughout the interview, Dr. Jill Biden emphasized the importance of positivity and kindness in the new year. She stated that these qualities can help uplift individuals and communities, especially during challenging times. Her emphasis on positivity served as a juxtaposition to her husband’s incoherent moments, offering a glimpse of stability.


The New Year’s Eve interview with President Joe Biden left viewers with mixed emotions and raised concerns about his mental state. The incoherent moments, cringe-worthy pauses, and lack of clarity triggered a sense of unease and uncertainty. Additionally, the reactions of those present during the interview, including Dr. Jill Biden and Ryan CEST, further emphasized the questions surrounding the President’s mental stability.

While it is important to consider the challenges of public speaking and the pressure of the occasion, it is also crucial to address the concerns raised by the President’s performance. The hope for a healthy and safe future and emphasis on positivity and kindness expressed by President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden provide a glimmer of optimism amidst the overall confusion. However, it remains vital to assess and understand the implications of President Biden’s mental capabilities as he leads the nation.

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