Biden LOSES $80M Top-Secret Stealth Fighter Jet | It Flew To Cuba!? Traitor | Something is NOT Right


As a content writer, I am summarizing the content in the first person singular point of view. In this article, I will be discussing the recent incident involving Joe Biden’s US Military losing an F-35 Military Jet in mid-air. Not only did the jet go missing, but it is believed to still be flying on autopilot. This has caused quite a stir, with the Joint Base Charleston reaching out to the American public for help in locating the missing stealth fighter. Join me as I delve deeper into this intriguing story.

The Mysterious Disappearance

Imagine losing an aircraft worth a staggering 80 million dollars. Well, that’s exactly what happened when the F-35 stealth fighter jet vanished into thin air. As the most sophisticated and secretive aircraft on the planet, the F-35 is a marvel of technology. However, it seems that this cutting-edge piece of machinery has decided to go rogue.

Autopilot Gone Awry

Prior to the disappearance, the pilot safely ejected from the F-35. The last known position of the aircraft was coordinated with the FAA. However, here’s where things get interesting. The F-35 was put on autopilot before the pilot’s ejection, meaning that it could be anywhere by now. The whereabouts of the jet are currently unknown, and the situation has become a cause for concern.

The Elusive Transponder

To complicate matters further, the F-35’s transponder was not functioning at the time it went missing. This makes it incredibly difficult to track the aircraft’s movements. Without the transponder sending out the necessary signals, locating the jet becomes a daunting challenge. As authorities scramble to find answers, speculation runs rampant.

The Cuban Twist

Some theories suggest that the missing F-35 may have landed in Cuba. Cuba is home to a Chinese spy station, raising suspicions of foul play. If true, this would be a major embarrassment for the United States military and the country as a whole. The implications of a top-secret military aircraft falling into the wrong hands are indeed troubling.

Internet Memes and Jokes

In the face of such a peculiar incident, people have taken to the internet to express their thoughts and humor. Social media platforms are flooded with memes and jokes about the missing F-35. While it may be light-hearted fun, it does highlight the public’s fascination and concern with stories of this nature. From comical attempts to locate the jet to humorous conspiracy theories, the online world never fails to entertain.

The Hunt for the Missing Jet

The search efforts for the missing F-35 are currently focused on an area approximately 50 miles north of Charleston. With limited information and the challenging nature of the task, authorities are doing everything in their power to locate the jet. The joint efforts of the military and the public are crucial in bringing this incident to a resolution.


In conclusion, the disappearance of Joe Biden’s top-secret F-35 stealth fighter jet has caused quite a stir. With the aircraft possibly flying on autopilot and a non-functioning transponder, its whereabouts remain unknown. The speculations of the F-35 landing in Cuba, where China has a spy station, raise concerns about national security. As the search continues, it is clear that the situation is an embarrassment to the US military and the country as a whole. While the internet fills with memes and jokes, the hunt for the missing F-35 remains a top priority.

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