Biden’s DOJ to Charge THIS Journalist for Covering Jan 6


In this article, we will be discussing the latest developments surrounding the events of January 6th and how the Department of Justice (DOJ) under the Biden administration is seemingly targeting a particular journalist for his coverage of that day. We have been closely following this story and it has raised concerns about the selective prosecution and potential suppression of journalistic freedom. Let’s dive deeper into this issue and shed light on the details.

The Charges: A Shocking Revelation

BlazeTV contributor, Steve Baker, finds himself in a precarious situation as he faces charges related to his journalistic efforts on January 6th. This revelation came as a shock to Baker, who was abruptly notified by his lawyer about an impending arrest by the FBI and charges from the DOJ. The exact nature of the charges is still unknown, leaving many wondering about the underlying motives behind this sudden turn of events.

Silencing the Truth: Timing and Selectivity

What raises eyebrows even further is the timing of these charges against Baker. The fact that he needs to self-surrender on Tuesday adds to the suspicion that this might be an attempt to silence him and remove him from the case. It is worth noting that mainstream media journalists who were also present in the restricted areas on January 6th are not facing any charges, despite producing similar coverage. This selective prosecution raises concerns about the true intentions of the Biden administration and whether they are genuinely interested in pursuing justice or if there’s an ulterior motive at play.

Unveiling Corruption: Baker’s Investigative Efforts

Steve Baker has been actively documenting corruption within the Capitol Police and perjury during trials. His relentless pursuit of the truth has earned him both acclaim and the ire of those who wish to suppress any dissenting views. With his congressional press badge at risk of being revoked and attempts to keep him out of town, it is evident that some powerful forces want to stifle Baker’s ability to report and dig deeper into the issues surrounding January 6th. The charges against him are seen as an act of selective prosecution to deter him from shining a light on crucial matters that demand public attention.

The Need for Transparency and Freedom

It is essential to emphasize the importance of transparency and freedom of the press. Journalists play a vital role in our society by acting as the watchdogs of democracy. Their work is meant to hold those in power accountable and to provide the public with accurate and unbiased information. Any attempt to target and silence journalists goes against the principles that our democracy stands for. Instead of suppressing voices, we should encourage an open and honest examination of events like January 6th to ensure that justice is served.


The charges brought against Steve Baker, a BlazeTV contributor, for his coverage of January 6th have raised serious concerns about the selective prosecution and potential suppression of journalistic freedom. We have witnessed firsthand how those who seek to expose corruption and hold institutions accountable can become victims themselves. It is imperative that we protect the invaluable role of journalists in our society and allow them to fulfill their duty without undue interference. Only by upholding transparency and freedom of the press can we ensure a just and informed society.