Black man calls out Hunter Biden double standard: “If I did that I’d go to jail”

Title: Black Man Calls out Hunter Biden Double Standard: “If I Did That, I’d Go to Jail”


In a recent incident that has sparked controversy and frustration among many African Americans, a black man spoke out against what he perceives as a double standard in the justice system. He criticized the leniency afforded to individuals like Hunter Biden while highlighting the potential severe consequences that he and others would face for similar actions. This article explores the perspectives and concerns voiced by the black man, shedding light on a topic that deserves attention and discussion.

Heading 1: Blacks for Trump Defend Donald Trump Outside the Courthouse

  • A passionate group of African American supporters of President Donald Trump, known as Blacks for Trump, gathered outside the courthouse.
  • With fervor, they expressed their loyalty and support for the president, advocating for his fairness and justice.

Heading 2: Accusations of Betrayal and Sellout: Jack Smith under Attack

  • The members of Blacks for Trump accused Jack Smith, an influential figure, of betrayal and selling out their community.
  • They questioned his motives behind opposing Trump, believing that Smith, Biden, Obama, and others were unjustly going against the president without valid reasons.

Heading 3: Exposing Disparity: Trump Shines a Light on Unequal Treatment

  • Members of Blacks for Trump wholeheartedly believed that Trump was exposing the exemption of certain individuals from following laws.
  • They expressed frustration over the unfairness of the justice system, pointing out that figures like Hunter Biden seemingly faced no consequences for breaking the law.

Heading 4: Hunter Biden’s Actions: A Catalyst for Unrest

  • The supporters stressed that if they were to commit the same actions as Hunter Biden, they would undoubtedly face severe punishment.
  • They emphasized their commitment to obeying all laws, even minor ones like not running a red light, highlighting the strict standards they hold themselves to.

Heading 5: Double Standards: Tax Evasion and Jail Time

  • Criticizing the double standards prevalent in the system, the group highlighted how some people could evade paying taxes and avoid jail time.
  • They expressed concern over the inequality in punishment and the consistent pattern of influential individuals escaping the repercussions of their actions.

Heading 6: Facing Consequences: Jail Time on the Horizon

  • The members of Blacks for Trump firmly believed that figures like Jack Smith and others involved would eventually face severe consequences, suggesting they could potentially face charges of treason.
  • They expressed their trust in the justice system and their eagerness to see justice served.


The frustration expressed by African Americans, represented by the black man in question, serves as a stark reminder of the existing disparities within the justice system. Their concerns center around the perceived special treatment given to individuals like Hunter Biden while others face severe consequences for similar actions. Holding steadfast in their support for President Trump, the members of Blacks for Trump believe that justice will ultimately be served, and the double standards will be rectified. It is essential to address these concerns in order to strive for a more just and equal justice system for all.

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