BREAKING: Garland Appoints Special Counsel To Investigate Hunter Biden – What It Really Means

In a groundbreaking development, Garland, the appointed authority, has decided to take a significant step by appointing a Special Counsel to conduct a thorough investigation into the controversial case involving Hunter Biden. This decision holds immense importance not only for the individuals directly involved but also for the broader implications it may have on the political landscape. By appointing a dedicated investigator, it is evident that the authorities are determined to delve deep into the matter and unveil the truth. In this blog post, we will delve into the implications and the potential impact this decision may have on the ongoing political discourse surrounding Hunter Biden’s alleged misconduct. Stay tuned to uncover what this breaking news truly signifies.


In a recent video released by Explain America, the appointment of David Weiss as the special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation by Merrick Garland is analyzed. The video sheds light on the potential implications of this decision and its impact on Congress’ involvement in the investigation. The video also features commentary from Jim Jordan, a Republican congressman, who strongly opposes the appointment, asserting that it is an attempt to protect Joe Biden’s presidency. The video urges viewers to demand accountability and emphasizes the importance of spreading the truth about the situation.

David Weiss’s Controversial Appointment

One of the key highlights of the video is the appointment of David Weiss as special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation. Weiss’s previous involvement with Hunter Biden, where he offered a plea deal, has raised concerns about potential bias and preferential treatment. This controversial decision has been heavily criticized by those suspicious of Weiss’s ability to conduct an impartial investigation. The appointment has the potential to limit Congress’ role in investigating and holding accountable those involved in the Biden family.

Jim Jordan’s Opposition

As the video continues, Jim Jordan, a prominent Republican congressman, expresses his strong opposition to Weiss’s appointment. Jordan believes that Garland’s decision is merely an attempt to shield Joe Biden’s presidency. The appointment of someone with prior connections to Hunter Biden is seen by Jordan as evidence of bias, further diminishing the credibility of the investigation. Jordan assures viewers that Congress will continue its own investigation into the matter, promising to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable.

The Public’s Demand for Transparency

Throughout the video, it is made clear that the American people are not easily fooled by the actions of the current administration. There is a growing outcry for transparency and accountability in relation to the Hunter Biden investigation. Viewers are encouraged to stay informed and to share and subscribe to spread the information. The video highlights the importance of public opinion and urges viewers to voice their opinions and demand a new special counsel who can ensure a fair and unbiased investigation.

Carmine Sabia’s Outrage and Call for Change

As the presenter of the video, Carmine Sabia expresses his anger and frustration over the alleged corruption within Joe Biden’s administration. Sabia believes that the appointment of David Weiss is just another example of the systemic corruption that needs to be urgently addressed. He encourages viewers to take action and vote out the Biden administration in the upcoming 2024 elections. Sabia emphasizes the need for the truth to be uncovered and for accountability to be established in order to restore faith in the government.

In conclusion, the video released by Explain America sheds light on the recent appointment of David Weiss as the special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation by Merrick Garland. This controversial appointment raises concerns about potential bias and the limitations it may impose on Congress’ investigation. Republican congressman Jim Jordan strongly opposes the appointment, viewing it as an attempt to protect Joe Biden’s presidency. The video urges viewers to demand transparency, spread the truth, and hold those responsible accountable. Carmine Sabia passionately calls for change, expressing outrage over the perceived corruption within the Biden administration. The video serves as a call to action, emphasizing the need for the American people to stay informed and voice their opinions in order to bring about the necessary change.

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