Charlamagne INSTANTLY REGRETS Race-Baiting Larry Elder | Called-Out To His FACE | ‘You Ain’t Black!’

Welcome to our blog post where we delve into the recent controversial encounter between Charlamagne and Larry Elder. In this eye-opening exchange, we witness how Charlamagne’s race-baiting tactics backfired as he was called out directly by Elder himself. Brace yourselves, as we dissect the heated moment when Charlamagne instantaneously regrets his ill-advised comment – “You Ain’t Black!” Join us as we delve into the repercussions of this confrontation and what it means for the ongoing conversations about race.


In this article, we will delve into a captivating discussion between Charlamagne tha God and Larry Elder. The exchange took an unexpected turn when Charlamagne attempted to race-bait Larry Elder, but instead found himself schooled by the renowned commentator. Larry Elder defended his black identity, called out Joe Biden’s lies, and criticized his policies, leaving Charlamagne regretting his ill-fated attempt. Let’s explore this intriguing encounter and uncover the truth that unfolded.

Larry Elder Schools Charlamagne

During the discussion, Charlamagne tha God, known for his provocative questions and bold statements, attempted to race-bait Larry Elder. However, he did not anticipate the response he received. Larry Elder, a seasoned debater, calmly responded, not falling into the trap but instead offering his insightful perspective.

Larry Elder’s Passion for America’s Greatness and Freedom

Throughout the conversation, Larry Elder fervently talked about the greatness and freedom of America. He highlighted the opportunities available in the country and the importance of striving for individual success. Larry Elder emphasized that hard work, determination, and personal responsibility were the keys to achieving the American Dream.

Joe Biden’s Controversial Comment About Blackness

Charlamagne mentioned Joe Biden’s comment about blackness, in which he infamously declared, “You ain’t black if you don’t vote for me.” Larry Elder quickly criticized this remark, highlighting the absurdity of Joe Biden’s assumption that black voters should blindly support him based on their racial identity. Larry Elder defended his own black identity, stating that being black does not mean subscribing to a particular political ideology.

Larry Elder Calls Out Joe Biden’s Lies About Civil Rights Record

Larry Elder didn’t hold back in calling out Joe Biden’s lies regarding his civil rights record. He shed light on Biden’s fabrication of being actively involved in the civil rights movement, pointing out the inconsistencies and lack of evidence to support these claims. Larry Elder exposed the deception, emphasizing the importance of truth and accountability in political discourse.

Criticism of Joe Biden’s Policies Hurting Black People

Larry Elder also criticized Joe Biden’s policies, highlighting their detrimental effects on the black community. He pointed out how Biden’s stance on issues such as criminal justice reform and economic policies had disproportionately harmed black Americans. Larry Elder passionately argued for policies that would uplift and empower the black community rather than perpetuate dependency.

Disagreement with Joe Biden’s Stance on School Choice

Another area of contention between Larry Elder and Joe Biden was the issue of school choice. Larry Elder vehemently disagreed with Biden’s opposition to school choice, arguing that it limited opportunities for children in underprivileged communities. He advocated for giving parents the freedom to choose the best education options for their children, emphasizing the importance of equal access to quality education.

Charlamagne’s Criticisms of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party

Interestingly, Charlamagne has previously criticized Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for taking the black vote for granted. He voiced his concerns about the lack of progress in addressing systemic issues within the black community and challenged the party to deliver more tangible results.

Larry Elder’s Response Garnered Added Respect

Larry Elder’s response to Charlamagne’s race-baiting attempt garnered added respect from acclaimed political commentator Benny Johnson. Johnson commended Larry Elder for his composed and articulate rebuttal, shattering the false narrative that had been perpetuated.

In conclusion, the encounter between Charlamagne tha God and Larry Elder proved to be a thought-provoking discussion. Larry Elder effectively defended his own black identity, exposed Joe Biden’s lies, and criticized his policies. Charlamagne’s attempt to race-bait backfired, leaving him regretting his ill-advised strategy. This exchange showcased Larry Elder’s ability to initiate meaningful dialogue and shed light on crucial issues facing the black community. True to his character, Larry Elder articulately articulated his perspective while challenging the status quo.

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