CNN Mocked Hysterically after Announcement #shorts

Now CNN struggles with historically low Ratings amid new lineup changes a new Show with some not so new faces was Mocked online in a news release this Month CNN announced the creation of a New afternoon show called CNN news Central the show would join the lineup Order into order to bring a dynamic and Illustrative approach to covering news And the developing stories of the day According to the network the show However is hosted by Brianna kylar Jim Shudo and Boris Sanchez as anchors for CNN's daytime lineup kailer and shudo Have been with the network for years While Sanchez has been with the network Since 2015. CNN tweeted about the show on Monday to Remind viewers about its Premiere as a Result the network was ridiculed for its Attempt to create Buzz now several Twitter users noted CNN's recent Attempts to compete with cable news Rivals by trying seemingly anything Glenn Greenwald tweeted that you have to Admire the perseverance they keep taking The same people who nobody watches or Wants to watch scrambling them up like Eggs

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