CNN Reveals Jack Smith’s Plan Against Trump – He Will Not Succeed


In the world of politics, strategies and plans are constantly being hatched and executed. Recent revelations from CNN shed light on Jack Smith’s plan against former President Donald Trump. Smith, an influential figure with a vested interest in seeing Trump convicted, aims to accomplish his goal before the November 2024 election. This article will delve into the details surrounding Smith’s plan and explore the implications it may have for both Trump and the upcoming election.

Smith’s Plan Revealed

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According to CNN’s legal expert, Smith’s actions align with the election schedule, suggesting a tactical motive behind his pursuit of Trump’s conviction. Smith’s conduct throughout the case has been described as rushed, indicating a sense of urgency to hold the trial before the upcoming election. This raises questions about his true intentions and the potential impact his actions may have on the political landscape.

The Timeline Race

Smith’s request for a trial date for Trump was set five months out, but ultimately scheduled for two months later. This indicates a desire to expedite the process and demonstrate a proactive approach. By taking the case to the Supreme Court immediately after a favorable ruling on immunity in the district court, Smith is racing against the clock to ensure the trial occurs before the November 2024 election.

The Election Elephant in the Room

Despite the obvious link between Smith’s timing and the impending election, both Smith and Judge Chuin have been careful to avoid explicitly mentioning it. This may be an attempt to adhere to DOJ rules, which state that actions should not impact an election. Smith’s objective seems to be to avoid giving Trump an opportunity to claim that the trial is politically motivated, thus undermining its credibility.

Preventing Post-Election Pardons

One of Smith’s primary goals in pushing for a trial before the election is to prevent Trump from potentially pardoning himself after the election. By securing a conviction prior to the election, Smith aims to render any attempts at pardoning moot, thus ensuring accountability for Trump’s alleged wrongdoings.


While the specifics of Jack Smith’s plan against Trump may be subject to debate, it is clear that he is driven by a sense of urgency to see the former president convicted before the November 2024 election. Scheduling the trial strategically, avoiding direct mentions of the election, and aiming to prevent potential post-election pardons all point to Smith’s determination. However, whether or not Smith will succeed in his venture remains to be seen. As the political landscape continues to evolve, it is essential to closely monitor the developments surrounding this high-stakes legal battle.

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