CRINGE Dancers Hired By Biden For Christmas Vid EXPOSED As Radical Racists & Witches 😬


In a recent Christmas video released by the White House, a dance group called Dorrance Dance took center stage. However, what seemed like a cheerful holiday performance soon turned into a controversy surrounding the group’s radical views and questionable ideologies. As we dive into the details, it becomes evident that Dorrance Dance is not just your average dance troupe but a group that actively promotes a radical agenda and espouses beliefs that many find deeply concerning.

The White House’s Cringe-Worthy Christmas Video

The much-anticipated Christmas video released by the White House turned out to be an unexpected disappointment. While the intention was to spread joy and festive cheer, the inclusion of Dorrance Dance raised eyebrows due to their controversial stances and affiliations.

Dorrance Dance: Radical Anti-White Group?

One of the most alarming aspects associated with Dorrance Dance is their apparent advocacy for defunding the police and abolishing prisons. These extreme views align with the radical ideology that seeks to dismantle existing systems without offering viable alternatives. Critics argue that such positions are not only unrealistic but also pose significant threats to public safety and societal balance.

Furthermore, Dorrance Dance has been accused of promoting white privilege and systemic racism ideology, a belief system that perpetuates racial divisions rather than fostering unity and understanding. By subscribing to this ideology, they contribute to an environment of hostility and resentment, undermining efforts towards genuine progress and equality.

Jill Biden’s Controversial Invitation

The decision to invite Dorrance Dance to perform at the White House was not without its fair share of criticism. Jill Biden, the First Lady, has been known for advocating inclusivity and unity, which makes the decision to align the White House with a group promoting divisive ideologies perplexing to many.

Marxist Ideology and Quotes from Angela Davis

Dorrance Dance has also come under scrutiny for promoting Marxist ideology, a political doctrine that advocates for the redistribution of wealth and collective ownership. While differing political ideologies are an essential part of a democratic society, backers argue that endorsing such ideas within the context of a Christmas celebration seems to be a misplaced attempt to push a particular agenda.

Furthermore, the group has quoted prominent activist Angela Davis, known for her association with radical movements. While individuals have the right to express admiration for certain figures, critics argue that embracing Davis’ views without considering the controversies surrounding her actions raises questions about the group’s judgment and credibility.

Advocacy for Immigration Reform and Inmate Rights

Aside from their controversial ideological stances, Dorrance Dance has also advocated for immigration reform and inmate rights. While these issues are complex and deserve deliberate consideration, the inclusion of these topics within a Christmas video seems out of place and detracts from the joyful spirit ordinarily associated with such celebrations.

Backlash and Calls for Change

Unsurprisingly, the White House’s Christmas video featuring Dorrance Dance has received substantial backlash from the public. Many individuals have criticized the video for its cultural trash and hideousness, expressing their disappointment with the platform the White House has provided to a group espousing such extreme and divisive ideologies.

In light of this controversy, some people have even called for the reopening of insane asylums, suggesting that the decision to include Dorrance Dance in the video was a reflection of poor judgment and a lack of discernment on the part of White House officials.

In conclusion, what started as a festive celebration turned into a source of controversy when Dorrance Dance took center stage in the White House’s Christmas video. The group’s radical ideologies, questionable affiliations, and divisive activism have raised concerns among the public. It remains to be seen how this controversy will be addressed and whether it will prompt reflection and change moving forward.

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