Democrat Governor Does The Unthinkable – Action Creates Constitutional Crisis

Democrat Governor Does The Unthinkable – Action Creates Constitutional Crisis


In a shocking turn of events, the Democrat Governor of New Mexico has recently signed an executive order that suspended concealed and open carry in Albuquerque and the surrounding County for a minimum of 30 days. This decision has sparked a heated debate on the constitutionality of the governor’s actions and the potential infringement on citizens’ Second Amendment rights. Let’s delve into this controversial issue and examine the implications it could have on our democratic system.

The Power Play

Governor’s executive orders have always been a source of contention, but this particular order raises the bar to new heights. She believes that this action falls within the scope of her authority as the governor, yet legal experts question the constitutionality of such a move. By unilaterally suspending concealed and open carry rights, the governor seems to be overreaching her power and potentially setting a dangerous precedent.

Citing Recent Shootings

The governor cited recent shootings as the primary justification behind her executive order. While it is undoubtedly tragic that these incidents have occurred, it is crucial to understand that legal gun owners are being unfairly assumed responsible for these reprehensible actions. Rather than targeting criminals with illegal firearms, the governor’s order penalizes law-abiding citizens exercising their rights. This unfair generalization only serves to divide our communities further.

Taking It to Court

Unsurprisingly, the order has faced legal challenges. Concerned citizens, gun rights advocates, and constitutional experts are diligently working to challenge the governor’s decision and restore the rights of the people. These legal battles will play a crucial role in determining whether executive power can be wielded to infringe upon constitutional rights and potentially undermine the very foundation of our democracy.

Invoking a Public Health Emergency

To justify her actions, the governor invoked the declaration of a public health emergency. While this may provide legal grounds for enacting such measures, it is a dangerous precedent to allow governors to bypass the constitutional constraints and concentrate executive power in their hands. The potential consequences of this unchecked authority are alarming and call for closer examination and scrutiny.

The Slippery Slope

The current situation highlights the slippery slope that was warned about when public health emergencies were invoked. While it is vital to address public safety concerns, it should not come at the expense of violating individuals’ constitutional rights. If this executive order is not challenged and ultimately taken to the Supreme Court, it sets a dangerous precedent that can erode the very essence of our democracy – the protection of individual liberties.

Raising Awareness

Given the far-reaching implications of this executive order, it is of utmost importance to share this information and raise awareness about the potential constitutional crisis it creates. It is crucial for citizens to understand the significance of challenging government actions that encroach upon our fundamental rights. By being informed and engaged, we can collectively safeguard our democratic values and hold those in power accountable.

In conclusion, the recent executive order signed by the Democrat Governor of New Mexico, suspending concealed and open carry rights, has ignited a constitutional crisis. The governor’s decision has faced legal challenges, questioning the constitutionality of such actions. By assuming that legal gun owners are responsible for recent shootings, this order unfairly targets law-abiding citizens and potentially undermines the Second Amendment. It is imperative that citizens remain vigilant and voice their concerns about this dangerous precedent before it sets a irreversible course. Together, we can protect our constitutional rights and preserve the foundations upon which our great nation was built.

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