Des Moines Register Poll Shows President Trump With More Than 50% Support In Iowa

Des Moines Register Poll Shows President Trump With More Than 50% Support In Iowa


In a recent poll conducted by the Des Moines Register, President Trump’s support among likely Republican caucus goers in Iowa has surged to over 50%. This poll positions him for a historic win in the upcoming caucus, signaling a strong base of support for the President. Let’s delve into the details of this poll and understand the factors contributing to President Trump’s lead.

High Support for President Trump

According to the Des Moines Register poll, President Trump currently enjoys 51% support among likely Republican caucus goers. This represents an 8% increase in support since October, highlighting a growing base of enthusiastic supporters. The President’s strong performance in swing states and high levels of enthusiasm contribute to his lead in Iowa.

Other Candidates’ Support

While President Trump dominates the field with over 50% support, other Republican candidates have a lower level of backing. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis garners only 19% support, followed by former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley with 16%. These numbers indicate a significant gap between President Trump and his competitors in the state.

Factors Contributing to President Trump’s Lead

President Trump’s high enthusiasm and favorable performance in swing states play a crucial role in setting him apart from his rivals. Swing states have proved decisive in previous elections, and the President’s ability to connect with voters in these states has given him an advantage. Additionally, President Trump’s unwavering commitment to his base and his policies resonates with Iowa voters, further solidifying his lead.

Team DeSantis’ Challenge

While Ron DeSantis remains one of the prominent contenders for the Republican nomination, his campaign faces challenges in gaining support within the Iowa caucus. One of the major obstacles for Team DeSantis is their lack of knowledge about Iowa caucus rules. Understanding the intricacies of the caucus system is vital to winning support, and their lack of familiarity puts them at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, endorsements play a critical role in swaying voters’ decisions. Unfortunately for DeSantis, his campaign has struggled to secure significant endorsements in Iowa, making it harder to gain traction against President Trump. These obstacles have hindered Team DeSantis’ ability to make significant progress in the state.

Implications of a Double-Digit Victory

If President Trump secures a double-digit victory in the Iowa caucus, it would be a record-setting achievement and a testament to his strong position for the general election. Such a resounding victory would showcase his broad appeal among Republican voters and solidify his status as the party’s frontrunner.


The Des Moines Register poll reveals President Trump’s impressive lead in Iowa, with over 50% support among likely Republican caucus goers. This surge in support, coupled with his high levels of enthusiasm and strong performance in swing states, highlights his commanding position within the party. While other candidates like Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley trail behind, President Trump’s firm grip on Iowa sets him apart as the top contender for the Republican nomination. As the caucuses approach, it will be interesting to see if President Trump can maintain this momentum and translate it into a successful bid for re-election.

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