Did Mark Cuban Just Make A MASSIVE Move To RUN For PRESIDENT — Against Joe Biden?! 👀


Hey there! It’s me, Mark Cuban, and I’m here to discuss an interesting topic that has been buzzing around lately. It seems like there’s speculation brewing about a potential run for the presidency in my future. Yes, you heard that right! Buckle up and let’s dive into the details of whether or not I am making a massive move to run for president against Joe Biden.

First Encounters:

Can you imagine me, Mark Cuban, a presidential candidate? Well, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s address the little matter of my recent sale of a majority stake in the Mavericks. Yes, folks, I recently made a decision to part ways with my beloved Dallas basketball team. Some might view this as a sign of my intention to throw my hat into the political ring.

The Democratic Race:

Now, let’s talk about the current political landscape. As of now, Joe Biden stands as the incumbent president, with five Democrats vying to challenge his position. You might be wondering how I fit into this equation. Well, recent polling suggests that Donald Trump is gaining traction against Joe Biden. This raises an interesting question – could I be considering a run against Biden in 2024?

Signs of a Presidential Run:

As I’ve mentioned earlier, one cannot ignore the fact that I am selling my assets and decoupling from contracts. While this may just be a savvy business move, it does leave room for speculation about my political ambitions. Additionally, my decision to leave Shark Tank and sell the majority share of the Dallas Mavericks has only added fuel to the fire. People are starting to connect the dots, suggesting that I might be preparing for a presidential run.

Engaging with Politicians:

Engaging with politicians and discussing various topics is not out of the ordinary for me. I have always been passionate about actively participating in political conversations. Some might argue that these discussions are just a part of being a concerned citizen, but others theorize that they could be a stepping stone towards a presidential campaign.

Decoupling Personal Finances:

If I were to run for president, it is glaringly obvious that I would need to decouple myself from personal financial engagements. As a successful entrepreneur, I understand the importance of ensuring transparency and avoiding any conflicts of interest. So, these financial moves I have been making could indeed be part of a grand plan to align myself with the demands of a potential candidacy.

Uncertainty Prevails:

Let’s be honest, though. While all the signs might be pointing towards a potential presidential run, it remains unclear if I will actually take the plunge. Speculation is one thing, but making a firm decision to enter the political world is an entirely different matter. However, it cannot be denied that I have a history of making successful financial moves, and my track record speaks for itself.


So, did Mark Cuban just make a massive move to run for president against Joe Biden? That remains to be seen. While the speculations and rumors are swirling around, I can assure you that I am committed to engaging in political discussions and making the best decisions for myself and the country. Whether or not I will step into the political arena, only time will tell. Until then, let’s enjoy the thrill and excitement of the possibilities that lie ahead. Stay tuned!

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