‘Don’t Start With Me!’ – ‘The Five’ Goes Off The Rails As Liberal Host Gets Owned


In this article, we will be reviewing a video created by Explain America titled “Don’t Start With Me!” – ‘The Five’ Goes Off The Rails As Liberal Host Gets Owned’. The video captures a heated discussion on the popular news show ‘The Five’, where a liberal host faces criticism and gets owned by her conservative counterparts. This intriguing video has garnered significant attention due to its intense and lively debate. Let’s dive into the details and analyze the various aspects surrounding this contentious segment.

The Delayed Visit to East Palestine, Ohio

One of the topics discussed in the video is Joe Biden’s delayed visit to East Palestine, Ohio, following a train derailment and toxic chemical leak. The video highlights how Donald Trump visited the area immediately after the incident occurred, while Biden’s visit only took place a year later, conveniently coinciding with the election year. This timing has attracted criticism, with many questioning whether Biden’s visit is purely political or a genuine display of concern for the affected residents.

Mixed Reactions and Controversies

The video sheds light on the controversies surrounding Biden’s visit and the reactions it has generated. Some argue that it is not solely the president’s responsibility to attend every disaster, while others believe that such incidents require prompt attention from the highest office in the country. Additionally, the video mentions Jessica Tarlo, a Biden supporter who faced backlash for her views on the incident. These varied opinions contribute to the robust debate captured in the video.

Acknowledging Praise for Federal Response

Amidst the criticism, the video also highlights Governor DeWine and Congressman Johnson’s praise for the federal response to the incident. Their positive remarks shed light on the efforts made by the government to address the situation promptly and effectively. This acknowledgment provides a balanced perspective on the issue.

Criticism of Mayor Pete Buttigieg

The video touches upon the criticism faced by Mayor Pete Buttigieg for his delayed response to the incident in East Palestine, Ohio. This criticism has added fuel to the debate surrounding the handling of such disasters by political figures. The contrasting reactions of political leaders during times of crisis are examined, further enriching the content of the video.

Biden’s Previous Disaster Response and Personal Touch

In addition to analyzing Biden’s delayed visit to Ohio, the video briefly mentions his previous response to a disaster in Florida. Governor DeSantis praised Biden’s actions during that incident, showcasing a different perspective on the president’s disaster response capabilities.

Furthermore, the video highlights Biden’s personal phone call to the families of fallen soldiers, emphasizing his empathetic approach in times of tragedy. This human touch is an essential aspect of presidential leadership, and it adds depth to the discussion surrounding Biden’s visit to East Palestine.

Varied Reception and Local Appreciation

The video concludes by acknowledging that the reception to Biden’s visit in East Palestine will vary among the residents. While some may appreciate his presence and consider it a sign of genuine concern, others may view it as a political move to garner support during the election year. This disparity in local perception further contributes to the overarching debate surrounding the significance of presidential visits in times of crisis.


In conclusion, the video “Don’t Start With Me!” – ‘The Five’ Goes Off The Rails As Liberal Host Gets Owned’ offers a captivating glimpse into a heated debate on a popular news show. Through this review, we have explored various aspects related to Joe Biden’s delayed visit to East Palestine, Ohio, following a train derailment and toxic chemical leak. The video highlights the controversies surrounding the incident, the mixed reactions it has generated, and key figures’ responses to the disaster. It also provides insight into the contrasting approaches displayed by political leaders during such incidents. Overall, the video and the ensuing discussions offer viewers a thought-provoking perspective on the role of politicians in responding to crises.

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