Doocy Annihilates Biden Official After Shocking Report – ‘It’s Bad!’


In a recent video discussion, we witnessed an intense exchange between Peter Doocy and John Kirby from the Biden Administration. The conversation revolved around a shocking report by the United Nations, which revealed potential financial support to Hamas by members of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). This article will delve into the details of the conversation, highlighting the key arguments and concerns raised by both parties.

  1. Peter Doocy’s Criticism of the Administration’s Vetting Process
  • Peter Doocy expressed his concern regarding the lack of vetting processes associated with the funds provided to UNRWA. He criticized the Biden Administration for not thoroughly examining the recipients of these funds.
  1. John Kirby’s Defense of UNRWA
  • John Kirby defended UNRWA, asserting that the agency should not be held accountable for the actions of a few individuals. He emphasized the importance of distinguishing between the actions of individuals and the overall mission of UNRWA.
  1. Suspension of Unallocated Funds
  • The White House, upon learning about the potential financial support to Hamas, suspended the unallocated funds until the investigation reaches a conclusion. This step signifies the administration’s commitment to accountability and ensuring taxpayer money is not misused.
  1. Peter Doocy’s Concerns about the Vetting Process at the Southern Border
  • Peter Doocy raised a fundamental question about the vetting process at the southern border. He drew a parallel between the funding for UNRWA and the immigration system, emphasizing the importance of scrutinizing individuals and organizations that receive support from the government.
  1. John Kirby’s Clarification on Border and UNRWA Issues
  • John Kirby clarified that the issues and concerns at the southern border are separate from the allocation of funds to UNRWA. He stressed the need to address immigration and humanitarian support independently.
  1. Biden Administration’s Support for UNRWA with Accountability
  • The Biden Administration stands firmly behind the work of UNRWA in providing humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations. However, they are also committed to holding the agency accountable if any wrongdoing is uncovered. This demonstrates the administration’s dedication to ensuring transparency and ethical practices.
  1. Potential Changes Based on Investigation Findings
  • Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the administration may consider additional changes in their support for UNRWA. It underlines the administration’s willingness to adapt their policies based on credible evidence and findings.

In conclusion, the exchange between Peter Doocy and John Kirby shed light on the shocking report regarding potential financial support to Hamas by members of UNRWA. While Peter Doocy raised concerns about the vetting process and criticized the administration, John Kirby defended UNRWA’s overall mission and highlighted the need to differentiate between the actions of individuals and the agency as a whole. The Biden Administration’s decision to suspend unallocated funds pending the outcome of the investigation demonstrates their commitment to accountability. By standing behind UNRWA’s work while ensuring it remains accountable, the administration seeks to strike a delicate balance. The potential changes based on the investigation’s findings reflect their dedication to making informed policy decisions.

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