Election Expert: Transparency, Reforms Needed to Prevent Fraud

In this video, Dr. Duke Pesta interviews author and election-integrity expert Kurt Hyde. Hyde gives an overview of the history of voter fraud in the United States. He states that election integrity has declined in the past twenty years because of less transparent election laws, untrustworthy voting machines, and a less educated citizenry. Despite this, Hyde finds it encouraging to see people waking up about election fraud following the 2020 election. Next, Hyde discusses several specific examples of fraud and solutions to the overall problem. He notes the vulnerability of electronic voting equipment and expresses concern about the 2020 election’s conduct, including the media’s bias in calling elections and how multiple states simultaneously stopped vote-counting on Election Night. Hyde calls for restoring election transparency, reinstating the precinct as the place where votes are cast and counted, conducting elections entirely on Election Day, and ending universal mail-in voting. Hyde notes that Congress has the constitutional authority to regulate federal-election laws in states under extraordinary circumstances.

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