Former Marxist Turned Trump Voter Explains How to Defeat the Globalists | Zero Hour | Ep 9

I, a former Marxist who has now become a Trump voter, want to share my insights on defeating the globalists in this blog post. In the ninth episode of Zero Hour, I delve into the strategies and explanations behind my political shift. Join me as I explore how we can challenge the globalist agenda and work towards a stronger nation. Let’s dive right in!


In this episode of “Zero Hour,” I had the privilege of sitting down with Michael Rectenwald, a scholar and author who went through a profound transformation from being a Marxist to becoming a full MAGA Trump voter. We delved into his transition and gained valuable insights on defeating globalism. Michael Rectenwald, known for his academic contributions, has written 12 books and is a distinguished fellow at Hillsdale College. He has also taught at esteemed universities such as NYU, Duke, and Carnegie Mellon. Now, he offers a unique perspective on the great reset and is considered a nemesis to it. Join me as we uncover how Michael Rectenwald came to his remarkable realization and his thoughts on thwarting the statists who seek to control our lives.

Transitioning from Marxism to Trumpism

As our conversation begins, I ask Michael Rectenwald about the pivotal moment when he shifted his political views. With a reflective expression, he vividly describes how Marxism shaped his understanding of history and human cognition, providing him with a revolutionary way of thinking. However, as he delves deeper into his journey, he admits that capitalism played a significant role in leading him toward a different line of thought.

Realizing the Potential of Capitalism

Rectenwald reveals that despite the widely-held belief that capitalism is the enemy of Marxist ideology, he discovered something unexpected. He came to understand that capitalism is, in fact, a necessary precursor to Marxist thinking. It is through the opportunities created by capitalism that individuals have the agency to challenge the status quo. This revelation was a turning point for Rectenwald, who began to recognize the potential of capitalism, free markets, and the concept of individual liberty.

From Marxism to Trump Voter

As he explains his transition from being a Marxist to a full MAGA Trump voter, Rectenwald expresses how the mainstream media played a vital role in opening his eyes to the truths about globalism and its detrimental effects. He emphasizes the importance of looking beyond the narratives presented to us, encouraging critical thinking and questioning the information disseminated by those in power.

The Great Reset and Michael Rectenwald’s Insights

Moving on to the topic of the great reset, I ask Rectenwald for his thoughts on this widely discussed concept. With a grave tone, he describes it as an orchestrated attempt by the global elites to centralize power, erode individual freedoms, and control every aspect of our lives. He highlights the dangers of this agenda and urges individuals to remain vigilant, recognizing the need to thwart the statists who seek to implement these plans.

Defeating Globalism: Insights and Strategies

In our discussion, Rectenwald shares his insights on how to defeat globalism and shares strategies to empower individuals in this battle. He emphasizes the importance of coherent education systems that encourage critical thinking and teach the principles of individualism, capitalism, and the dangers of collectivism. He also stresses the need for individuals to actively engage in local politics, joining forces to elect leaders who champion liberty and resist the globalist agenda.


As our conversation comes to an end, it is evident that Michael Rectenwald’s journey from Marxism to becoming a Trump voter has been a profound and enlightening one. His unique perspective, forged through years of academic study and personal introspection, offers valuable insights into understanding the dangers of globalism and the importance of preserving individual liberties. Rectenwald’s contributions continue to shape the discourse surrounding globalism, inspiring others to question the narratives imposed upon them. Ultimately, he reminds us that defeating globalism requires a united front and a steadfast commitment to the principles that have defined the United States of America.