Glenn Beck Reads Cardi B Lyrics to Classical Music


I have recently come across a fascinating video on the internet where Glenn Beck, the renowned conservative commentator, takes an unconventional approach to critique Cardi B’s explicit song “Bongos.” In this article, I will delve deeper into this intriguing juxtaposition of classical music and modern lyrics as Glenn Beck gives a dramatic reading remix of Cardi B’s song. So, let’s jump right in!

Glenn Beck’s Interpretation

In the video, Glenn Beck, known for his distinctive style of commentary, presents a unique perspective on Cardi B’s song. Instead of employing his usual serious tone, he humorously recites the explicit lyrics of “Bongos” to the melodies of well-known classical compositions. This unexpected combination creates an interesting contrast, leading viewers to contemplate the stark differences between the two genres.

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Exploring the Video

Glenn Beck’s remix of Cardi B’s “Bongos” sparks several intriguing dialogues. By juxtaposing explicit lyrics with classical music, the video ignites discussions on the evolving nature of music and the stark contrasts between songs of today and those from the past. It offers a unique lens through which viewers can reflect upon the societal changes that have resulted in explicit content becoming a prevalent aspect of modern music.


In conclusion, Glenn Beck’s remix of Cardi B’s lyrics to classical music provides an interesting perspective on the differences between contemporary music and songs from the past. BlazeTV serves as a platform to explore more stimulating content from Glenn Beck and other prominent conservative figures. Whether through joining BlazeTV, purchasing merchandise, signing up for their newsletter, or engaging with them on social media, you can actively participate in discussions and stay connected. So, embrace the thought-provoking journey that this video offers and join the discourse around the evolving landscape of music and society.