Glenn Beck: “They Are Operating Government PSYOPS on Americans”

Glenn Beck: “They Are Operating Government PSYOPS on Americans”


In a recent video, Glenn Beck sheds light on the alarming issue of the weaponization of the federal government. The House Select Subcommittee held a hearing, revealing shocking insights into the manipulation of citizens through psychological warfare. Glenn passionately believes that our society is merely steps away from George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984. This article delves into the key points of the video and explores the concerning implications behind the government’s actions.

The Weaponization of the Federal Government

The House Select Subcommittee recently conducted a hearing to explore the weaponization of the federal government. Republican lawmakers and journalists exposed the government’s use of psychological warfare against American citizens. This revelation is deeply troublesome to Glenn Beck, as it showcases a dangerous erosion of civil liberties and personal freedoms.

Democrats’ Focus on Comparing Trump to Hitler

During the hearing, the Democrats and their witness took an unsettling approach. Instead of addressing the issue of government collusion with social media censorship, Democrats shifted the discussion to President Trump. Glenn finds this tactic extremely disturbing, as it detracts from the core concern of government censorship.

Private Social Media Moderation vs. Government Censorship

One witness presented the argument that private social media companies moderating content does not constitute government censorship. However, Glenn perceives this as a form of brainwashing, and a deeply concerning one at that. The control and manipulation of information by private entities, even if indirectly linked to the government, raises serious questions about the state of our democracy and the fundamental rights of individuals.

The Debate on Censorship

The hearing witnessed a lively debate between journalists Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi, and a Democratic Congresswoman. There was an effort by some members to equate free speech with horrendous crimes committed online, such as rape and murder. Glenn Beck finds such comparisons alarming and believes they are a dangerous attempt to restrict freedom of expression.

The Inadvertent Explanation

During the hearing, a Democratic Congressman inadvertently shed light on the weaponization of the federal government. He referred to the hearing as a conspiracy, inadvertently acknowledging the existence of covert operations funded by the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex. These covert operations aim to control information flow and destroy lives, further highlighting the urgent need to remain vigilant and hold those in power accountable.


Glenn Beck’s video draws attention to the deeply troubling state of affairs within our federal government. The weaponization of psychological tactics against American citizens, coupled with efforts to control and manipulate information, echoes the dystopian warnings of George Orwell’s 1984. It is crucial that we recognize these issues and continue to fight for transparency, accountability, and the preservation of our fundamental rights. Our future as a free society depends on it.

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