Glenn Beck: “THIS is Why We Should LEAVE the United Nations”

In today’s article, we want to delve into the thought-provoking video created by BlazeTV titled “Glenn Beck: ‘THIS is Why We Should LEAVE the United Nations’.” This video presents a compelling argument against the United Nations (UN) and highlights various reasons why some individuals believe it is time for the United States to reevaluate its relationship with this global organization. So, join us as we explore the issues raised in the video and provide our perspective on this matter.

We Investigated Sex Abuse for Channel 4:
The video starts by referencing Channel 4’s investigation into sex abuse cases within the United Nations. It has been revealed that some UN peacekeepers have been involved in heinous acts of sexual abuse. This disturbing revelation raises serious concerns about the integrity and ethics of the organization entrusted with promoting peace and justice worldwide.

We Found Four Women Who Were Raped by a UN Peacekeeper:
During the investigation, Channel 4 was able to connect with four courageous women who came forward with their harrowing stories of being raped by UN peacekeepers. These heart-wrenching accounts shed light on the vulnerability and trauma suffered by victims, who looked to the United Nations for support but were ultimately abandoned.

The UN Promised to Help the Victims But Failed to Do So:
Despite the UN’s promises to assist the victims, it became evident that their efforts were insufficient and fell short of addressing the needs of those who endured such horrific experiences. This failure not only highlights the organization’s lack of accountability but also raises questions about its commitment to protecting the very people it claims to serve.

Channel 4 Discovered the Truth About the Peacekeepers:
Thanks to the extensive investigation conducted by Channel 4, the truth regarding the misconduct of UN peacekeepers came to light. The video highlights this vital discovery, aiming to expose the systemic issues within the United Nations and bring public attention to the urgent need for change.

Mike Lee, Chip Roy, and Mike Rogers Propose Cutting Ties with the UN:
Following the revelations made by Channel 4, several influential leaders, including Mike Lee, Chip Roy, and Mike Rogers, have proposed cutting ties with the UN. Their reasoning stems from the belief that the organization’s failure to address issues of misconduct and provide adequate support to victims is unacceptable.

The UN Doesn’t Deserve American Taxpayer Money or Support:
Many argue that the United Nations does not deserve the financial support it receives from American taxpayers. The misconduct highlighted in the video demonstrates a lack of accountability and raises doubts about how funds are being allocated within the organization. This drives the belief that American taxpayers’ money could be better utilized elsewhere.

The Defund Act Allows America to Step Away from the UN:
In response to growing concerns, the defund act has gained traction among critics of the United Nations. This act aims to sever financial ties with the organization and presents an opportunity for the United States to reassess its role within the UN. Those in favor of this act believe it would free up resources that can be redirected towards more crucial domestic matters.

The UN Should Be Forced to Leave the Continent:
Some individuals contend that the United Nations, due to its failure to address systemic issues and protect victims of abuse, should be forced to leave the continent entirely. This stance reflects a growing frustration with the organization, as it highlights the need for more accountability and significant restructuring to restore trust and faith.

Our Bureaucrats Are Out of Step with the People:
The video emphasizes the growing divide between the voices of the people and the bureaucratic systems employed by the United Nations. This disconnect underscores the need for leaders who genuinely represent the values and concerns of the populace they serve. The call for change within the UN thus becomes intertwined with the broader call for accountable and responsive governance.

Leaders Who Speak Out Are Winning All Over the World:
Finally, the video draws attention to the movement of leaders worldwide who are boldly speaking out against the United Nations and demanding reform. The examples provided highlight that this sentiment is not isolated to the United States alone but indicative of a global pushback against an organization perceived as failing in its mission.

In conclusion, the BlazeTV video “Glenn Beck: ‘THIS is Why We Should LEAVE the United Nations’” raises important questions about the role and effectiveness of the United Nations. It highlights the organization’s failures in addressing systemic issues, providing support to victims, and being accountable to member nations. The arguments presented by various leaders suggest that the time may have come to reevaluate America’s involvement with the UN. As voices demanding change grow louder, it remains to be seen whether meaningful reforms will be implemented to restore faith in this global organization.

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