Harvard HATES Free Speech

Harvard HATES Free Speech


In a recent video released by BlazeTV, the renowned American research university, Harvard, has been labeled as the worst school for free speech in the country. The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) annually ranks colleges based on their commitment to free speech, and this year, Harvard received a shockingly low ranking of 0.0. This article will delve into the reasons behind Harvard’s unfavorable score, the implications of their stance on free speech, and why this news may not come as a surprise to many.

Harvard’s Disappointing Ranking

According to the FIRE’s annual college free speech rankings, Harvard’s actual score was a jaw-dropping minus 10.69, making it even worse than the already disheartening ranking suggests. This revelation sheds light on the conservative voices that have been silenced and ostracized at Harvard. Over the years, conservatives have faced countless incidents of being drummed off stages and physically attacked, creating a hostile environment for free expression.

Contradictions in Reputation

Harvard, known for its acclaimed academic reputation and commitment to intellectual pursuit, has consistently ranked near the bottom in free speech rankings conducted by the FIRE. This paradoxical situation raises questions about the university’s claim to fostering open-mindedness and critical thinking. While Harvard may excel in various academic disciplines, its poor performance in protecting free speech reflects a significant flaw in its commitment to nurturing a diverse and inclusive intellectual environment.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression

The FIRE, a non-profit organization dedicated to defending and sustaining individual rights at colleges and universities, has been evaluating institutions’ commitment to free speech for years. Their rankings serve as a barometer for understanding the state of free expression on campuses across America. Despite Harvard’s continued poor showing in these rankings, the university has shown little improvement, indicating a lack of emphasis on safeguarding the freedom of speech for its students and faculty.

The Impact of Harvard’s Low Ranking

Harvard’s ranking as the worst school for free speech is not a massive surprise to anyone familiar with the institution’s environment. However, the implications go beyond just one university. It sends a clear message that even prestigious academic institutions can neglect the fundamental principle of free speech. This lack of protection could discourage open discussion and hinder the growth of new ideas and perspectives. Intellectual growth requires a free exchange of thoughts, and Harvard’s low ranking raises concerns about the nurturing of diverse viewpoints in higher education.


The video by BlazeTV highlighting Harvard as the worst school for free speech exposes deep-rooted issues within the prestigious institution. This revelation reinforces the need for robust protection of free speech and the importance of challenging institutions that stifle open discourse. As the FIRE rankings consistently demonstrate, a world-class academic reputation does not necessarily equate to a commitment to preserving the free exchange of ideas. Moving forward, it is crucial for students, faculty, and stakeholders to evaluate the universities they affiliate with and demand an environment that truly fosters free speech and encourages intellectual growth.

In conclusion, Harvard’s stance on free speech and the negative ranking it received from the FIRE shed light on the challenges faced by individuals seeking to express diverse perspectives within the university. As discussions around free speech persist, it is essential to advocate for an inclusive environment that upholds the principles of open dialogue and intellectual exploration.