HILARIOUS Trump mugshot review 🤣

In this uproarious blog post, the hilarious mugshot review of Trump is dissected and analyzed from a fresh perspective. Delving into his unmistakable facial expressions, repercussions, and the captivating behind-the-scenes anecdotes, readers will find themselves utterly entertained by the comical journey presented through this captivating examination. So, get ready to embark on a laugh-inducing adventure as we explore the unforgettable Trump mugshot review.

HILARIOUS Trump Mugshot Review 🤣


In this uproariously funny and entertaining video, Benny Johnson takes us on a wild ride as he reviews Donald Trump’s mugshot. With his signature charm and witty commentary, the narrator delves into the unexpected world of politics, all while keeping us laughing at every turn.

The Reactions to Donald Trump’s Mugshot

As the video unfolds, we witness the captivating reactions of people who come across Trump’s mugshot. Johnson introduces us to their various expressions, ranging from stunned disbelief to uncontainable laughter. Their candid responses make it abundantly clear that even a stern mugshot of the former president can ignite riotous amusement.

Trump’s Angry and Little Orange Mugshot

Describing Trump’s mugshot in vivid detail, the narrator humorously points out the unmistakable features. He jestingly characterizes it as “angry” and with a dash of amusement adds that it’s “a little orange.” Such playful descriptions serve to lighten the mood while keeping the audience engaged throughout the video.

A Non-Political Narrator

The next intriguing aspect of the video is when the narrator reveals his disinterest in politics. With a tongue-in-cheek manner, he confesses that political news rarely catches his attention. However, Trump’s mugshot has managed to pique his curiosity and propel him into the amusing world of political commentaries.

Trump’s Gangster-like Appearance

In one of the most amusing segments, the narrator playfully likens Trump’s mugshot to that of a gangster. With exaggerated gestures and comical expressions, he paints a vivid picture of the former president’s seemingly mischievous aura in the photo. This lighthearted comparison adds a touch of hilarity to the narrative.

Speculating on Trump’s Campaign Strategy

As the video progresses, the narrator speculates on the unconventional ways Trump might use his mugshot to his advantage in future campaigns. While keeping his commentary light, he jests about the possibility of the mugshot being emblazoned on campaign flags and signs. This humorous speculation showcases the creativity and wit that runs rampant throughout the video.

Kissing Babies with Trump’s Mugshot

In a truly side-splitting moment, the narrator takes humor to a whole new level. With a mischievous grin, he suggests the hilariously absurd idea of Trump kissing babies while sporting the mugshot on his lips. This outrageous image invokes unstoppable laughter and demonstrates the narrator’s talent for weaving comical scenarios.

The Unexpectedness of a Former President’s Mugshot

With a tinge of amazement, the narrator emphasizes the unexpected nature of a former president having a mugshot. In a world where political figures are typically expected to uphold a certain level of decorum, the sight of Trump’s mugshot serves as a comical antidote to the seriousness of politics.

What If Trump Wins Again?

The video concludes with a thought-provoking question: What would happen if Trump wins again? It leaves the audience chuckling and pondering the potential outcomes as the narrator brings the lighthearted yet slightly nerve-wracking thought to the forefront of our minds.

Background Music Adds to the Fun

Throughout the video, a catchy and delightful background music track plays, further enhancing the humorous atmosphere. This well-chosen musical accompaniment adds depth to the video and keeps the viewers entertained from start to finish.

In conclusion, Benny Johnson’s review of Donald Trump’s mugshot is a hilarious rollercoaster ride through the world of politics. With uproarious commentary, Johnson captivates the audience, making us laugh at every turn. This entertaining video is a testament to his ability to inject humor into even the most unexpected subjects. So if you’re in need of a good laugh and a comical take on politics, this video is an absolute must-watch.

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