How Rob Schneider Went From ‘Ignoring God’ to Standing for Christ


Rob Schneider, the renowned actor and comedian, recently celebrated his 60th birthday and made a surprising announcement – he has converted to Catholicism. In a heartfelt video that he created for BlazeTV, Schneider shares his transformation story, discussing how witnessing evil in the world led him to seek solace in Christianity. This article delves into Schneider’s journey, his views on various social issues, and his newfound faith in Christ.

Witnessing Evil: A Turning Point

Schneider opens up about the profound impact that witnessing evil in the world had on him. He tells how it compelled him to question his beliefs and search for deeper meaning in life. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of his spiritual journey, from ‘ignoring God’ to embracing his faith.

From Ignorance to Compassion: Schneider’s Journey to Catholicism

In the video, Schneider shares how he explored different religious paths before finding solace in Catholicism. He emphasizes that his decision to convert was not a result of blind adherence, but a personal choice based on his own research and convictions.

Schneider’s belief in compassion, love, and empathy resonates strongly with the teachings of Jesus. He finds Catholicism to be the closest representation of the word of Jesus, and it has become the guiding force in his life.

Standing against the Woke Gender Movement

Rob Schneider takes a firm stand against the woke gender movement that has gained significant traction in recent years. He raises concerns about the potential repercussions of accepting men competing against women in sports. Schneider believes that protecting vulnerable members of society, particularly children, from the negative consequences of such decisions is of utmost importance.

March for Israel: Schneider’s Support for the Jewish State

As a vocal advocate for Israel, Schneider highlights the importance of standing in solidarity with the nation. Although he couldn’t personally attend the Coalition gathering for the March for Israel at the National Mall in Washington DC, Schneider encourages others to participate and show their support.

Forgiveness and Standing up against Evil

Schneider’s views on forgiveness and standing up against evil are nuanced. While he believes in forgiveness, he emphasizes the need to confront and challenge organized evil that threatens individuals, families, communities, and nations. By actively opposing evil, he advocates for a more compassionate and just society.


Rob Schneider’s video created for BlazeTV provides a candid insight into his spiritual transformation and the reasons behind his conversion to Catholicism. His journey from ‘ignoring God’ to standing for Christ is a tale of personal growth and introspection. Schneider’s views on various social issues, such as the woke gender movement and support for Israel, provide further glimpses into his evolving belief system. With his newfound faith and commitment to spreading compassion and empathy, Schneider continues to inspire and provoke thoughtful contemplation in others.

In conclusion, Rob Schneider’s transformation serves as a reminder that even those in the public eye can experience deep spiritual awakenings. His willingness to share his journey and beliefs encourages others to seek their own path to faith and to stand up against evil in the world.

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