Hunter Biden’s Attorney Terrified Of New Special Counsel Investigation – Fears ‘MAGA’ Forces

The attorney representing Hunter Biden is reported to be deeply concerned about the recent announcement of a new special counsel investigation. Fearing the ramifications from what has been dubbed as the ‘MAGA’ forces, the attorney is now grappling with the potential legal challenges that lie ahead. This development has undoubtedly sparked apprehension and uncertainty within the Biden camp, as they navigate this latest twist in the ongoing saga.


In a recent video by Explain America, Hunter Biden’s attorney expressed profound fear over the prospect of a new special counsel investigation. The attorney’s apprehension stems from his concerns that former President Donald Trump and the influence of ‘MAGA’ forces may sway the proceedings in an unfair manner. This review delves into the attorney’s statements, highlighting the contradictions and implications they raise. Furthermore, it questions the attorney’s fear in light of his client’s alleged wrongdoing and the need for accountability. Let’s explore this intriguing situation further.

The Attorney’s Apprehension

Hunter Biden’s attorney’s fear is palpable throughout the video. He dreads the potential influence of Donald Trump and ‘MAGA’ forces on the special counsel’s investigation. This fear, he claims, is born out of the attorney’s belief in the unfair scrutiny his client faced during the previous presidency.

Questioning the Attorney’s Concerns

The attorney raises several thought-provoking points in the video, which beg further examination. It is worth questioning the validity of these concerns, considering the attorney’s own admissions about his client’s actions and involvement.

  1. Why is the attorney afraid of former President Donald Trump?

The attorney’s fear of Donald Trump is certainly peculiar. While it is natural for individuals to have concerns regarding a powerful figure, the attorney’s fear seems exaggerated, especially given Trump’s current position as a private citizen. This raises questions about the attorney’s underlying motivations and whether his fear is founded in reality or driven by personal political biases.

  1. Why is the attorney apprehensive about his client’s public image?

In the video, the attorney expresses worry about the impact of public pressure on his client. He acknowledges his client’s wrongdoing and even states that they were prepared to plead guilty. If Hunter Biden is indeed guilty, shouldn’t accountability be a natural consequence? The attorney’s anxiety appears misplaced and raises doubts about his true motives.

  1. Why is the attorney skeptical of the special counsel’s impartiality?

The attorney’s skepticism towards the special counsel raises eyebrows. He questions why only two misdemeanors and a gun charge were filed against his client after an extensive five-year investigation. To counter this, one must consider the evidence presented. If the attorney firmly believes that the evidence demonstrates Hunter Biden’s involvement in various transactions, then it is only fair to expect a thorough investigation to be conducted.

  1. Why does the attorney believe that nothing will change in the future?

In the video, the attorney states that he doesn’t believe anything will change in the future. This pessimistic view implies that he expects biased judgments to persist. One could argue that such a belief undermines faith in the justice system and ignores the potential for fair and unbiased proceedings.

Implications and Contradictions

The attorney’s fear of the special counsel investigation raises significant implications and contradictions that are worthy of exploration:

  1. The attorney’s fear and Hunter Biden’s innocence.

If Hunter Biden is innocent, as the attorney claims, why does the attorney fear an investigation? Innocence should shield any individual from unfounded accusations. The presence of fear indicates a lack of confidence in the absence of incriminating evidence.

  1. Hypocrisy in the attorney’s fear of the special counsel.

The attorney’s apprehension about the special counsel investigating Hunter Biden is perplexing. If he believes in his client’s innocence, why fear an investigation that could prove it? This contradiction casts doubt on the attorney’s motives and sincerity in defending his client.

  1. The need for accountability.

It is essential to explore the underlying message of the attorney’s fear. If Hunter Biden, as the attorney asserts, did wrong, should he not be held accountable for his actions? The attorney’s fear hints at a desire to avoid accountability and raises questions about fairness and justice.

In conclusion, Explain America’s video provides insight into Hunter Biden’s attorney’s profound fear of a new special counsel investigation. However, upon closer analysis, this fear appears contradictory and hypocritical. Is the attorney genuinely concerned about his client’s welfare, or is there an ulterior motive behind his statements? These questions highlight the need for transparency, accountability, and a fair investigation into any alleged wrongdoing. Only then can the truth prevail and justice be served.

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