‘I Don’t Think It’s Funny’ – ‘Fox And Friends’ Set Explodes As Hosts Butt Heads

I Don’t Think It’s Funny – ‘Fox And Friends’ Set Explodes As Hosts Butt Heads


On a recent episode of ‘Fox and Friends’, sparks flew and tempers flared as two of the show’s hosts, Pete Heth and Rachel Campost, engaged in a heated discussion regarding the 2024 Republican Primary. The clash stemmed from an incident involving Ron DeSantis, one of the prominent candidates in the race. As the argument unfolded, it became clear that the hosts had differing opinions on the matter, leading to a heated exchange of words.

The Trophy Incident:

During the campaign, a funny but controversial idea was floated for Ron DeSantis – presenting him with a participation trophy. While Pete found this idea amusing, Rachel was not pleased with the gesture. She saw it as unnecessary humiliation for DeSantis, who had put in a considerable effort as a candidate. Rachel believed that DeSantis deserved respect for his commitment to the race, rather than being mocked with a participation trophy.

Differing Opinions:

Pete and Rachel’s clash intensified as they debated the merits of the trophy incident. Pete argued that it was all done in good fun and that DeSantis should be able to take a joke. He saw the humor in the situation and believed that DeSantis would too. However, Rachel strongly disagreed. She felt that such gestures undermined the seriousness of the campaign and the efforts that candidates put into their campaigns. Rachel empathized with DeSantis as a candidate spouse herself and recognized the toll it takes on both the candidate and their family.

Support for DeSantis:

While Rachel didn’t think DeSantis would win the election, she mentioned that she is a fan of his and respects his dedication to public service. She believed that candidates like DeSantis should be supported and encouraged rather than subjected to trolling and unnecessary embarrassment. Rachel felt that the trophy incident crossed a line, especially when it played out in front of DeSantis’s wife.

Humor or Offense:

As the discussion continued, Pete stood firm in his belief that humor should not be taken too seriously. He found the incident amusing and wasn’t offended by it. For him, it was a light-hearted moment that showcased the camaraderie among candidates. However, Rachel strongly disagreed, emphasizing that different individuals have different sensitivities. She believed that the trophy incident had the potential to demoralize DeSantis and deter other candidates from pursuing their political aspirations wholeheartedly.

Exploring Personal Dynamics:

As the ‘Fox and Friends’ hosts delved deeper into the heated discussion, an interesting conversation surfaced regarding their private text chains. This exchange shed light on their personal rapport and the candid conversations they had off-air. Despite the disagreement, Pete and Rachel continued to engage in a respectful and lively discussion, demonstrating their ability to navigate differing opinions.


The clash between ‘Fox and Friends’ hosts Pete Heth and Rachel Campost on the topic of the trophy incident involving Ron DeSantis showcased the diverging perspectives regarding humor and respect in the political sphere. While Pete found the incident funny and harmless, Rachel believed it was mean-spirited and unnecessary. Their differing viewpoints highlighted the complexities of navigating humor and sensitivities in the context of political campaigns. Ultimately, the hosts’ ability to engage in a spirited conversation without personal attacks demonstrated the importance of respectful dialogue, even when opinions clash.

Overall, the ‘Fox and Friends’ set exploded as the hosts butt heads, revealing the intricate dynamics and differing perspectives within the show’s panel.

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