‘I Never Will’ – Tucker Carlson Makes Massive Announcement On His Future Plans


In a recent joint interview with Dave Portnoy, Tucker Carlson, renowned conservative political commentator and host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” made a massive announcement about his future plans. The video, created by Explain America, has garnered significant attention and left fans eagerly waiting to hear about the details of his departure from Fox News, which were finally revealed. In this article, we will delve into the key points discussed in the video and explore the implications of Tucker Carlson’s decision.

Tucker Carlson’s Departure from Fox News

During the interview, Tucker Carlson opened up about why he left Fox News, a network he had been associated with for 14 years. Expressing gratitude for his time at Fox News, he emphasized that he had the freedom to say whatever he wanted during this period. However, one day he was unexpectedly fired without being given a clear explanation of what he had said wrong, which left him perplexed.

Despite the abrupt end to his tenure at Fox News, Tucker Carlson harbors no hard feelings towards the network. He made it clear that he would never work for anyone else again. While acknowledging the existence of internal challenges and censorship at Fox News, he highlighted that he now revels in the freedom to work for himself and no longer needs to answer to anyone else.

Tucker Carlson’s Future Plans

Moving forward, Tucker Carlson expressed his desire to continue working in the industry, adding that he has the luxury of working for himself. This sentiment was echoed by Dave Portnoy, who congratulated Tucker on his success and noted the challenges that arise when one works for oneself in the content creation industry.

The interview left viewers curious about the specifics of Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News, which were finally revealed. While the video addresses the broader context surrounding his exit, it does not delve into minute details.


In conclusion, Tucker Carlson’s joint interview with Dave Portnoy shed light on his departure from Fox News and his future plans. The video, created by Explain America, provided an opportunity for fans and viewers to gain insights into the circumstances surrounding Tucker Carlson’s decision. With his departure from Fox News and his newfound freedom to work for himself, Tucker Carlson is poised to take on new challenges in the world of content creation.

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