Iowa Attorney General Stands Firm on New Immigration Law Against Legal Challenges from Biden’s Department of Justice

Defending Our Ground: Iowa Stands Firm Against Legal Challenges on Immigration Laws


Howdy y’all! Today, I wanna talk about how Iowa’s Attorney General, yours truly, is standing tall in the face of legal threats from the big ol’ Biden administration regarding our new immigration laws. Let’s dive right in and see why we’re holdin’ our ground like a rock in a storm.

Iowa’s Steadfast Resolve

Iowa ain’t one to back down from a fight, especially when it comes to protectin’ our folks and our land. When the Biden administration came knockin’ at our door with threats of lawsuits over our new immigration laws, I didn’t bat an eye. I knew we were in the right and I was ready to defend our decisions tooth and nail.

Lack of Border Security Support

Now, here’s the thing – while we’re out here tryin’ to keep our borders safe and sound, the Biden administration seems to be playin’ a whole different game. Their lack of support for states like Iowa and Texas in beefin’ up border security is downright worrisome. How can they claim to have our best interests in mind when they’re leavin’ us out to dry like yesterday’s laundry?

National Safety Concerns

Folks, let me ask you this – how can we feel safe and secure in our own country if our borders are about as leaky as a sieve? With the Biden administration slippin’ on their responsibilities to ensure proper border security, it’s no wonder states like Iowa are takin’ matters into our own hands. We ain’t just protectin’ our state, we’re standin’ up for the safety of the entire nation.

Free Speech on Free Talk

Before I sign off, I wanna give a shoutout to Free Talk, the new social platform by OAN where folks can speak their minds without fear of bein’ silenced or shadowbanned. It’s platforms like these that uphold the true spirit of free speech, and I couldn’t be happier to see it thrivin’ in today’s world.

So remember, folks, when the goin’ gets tough, Iowa gets goin’. We ain’t backin’ down from what we believe in, no matter who tries to stand in our way. It’s about time we all start standin’ up for what’s right, don’t ya think?

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