IRS Issues Tax Filing Announcement | Trailer | Facts Matter

IRS Issues Tax Filing Announcement | Trailer | Facts Matter


In a recent announcement, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has declared the waiving of the failure-to-pay penalty for approximately 5 million American taxpayers. This relief is specifically aimed at individuals and businesses who owe back taxes for the years 2020 and/or 2021, with a total tax liability below $100,000 and have received an initial notice from the IRS but no follow-up notice.

The IRS penalty waiver represents a significant financial benefit for eligible taxpayers, estimated at a staggering $1 billion in total savings. This welcome relief comes as a respite for millions of struggling taxpayers, especially during these challenging economic times.

In addition to this vital tax filing announcement, this article will also provide information on a documentary DVD titled “No Farmers No Food,” available for purchase. We will also discuss how you can stay updated with The Epoch Times by subscribing to their YouTube channel and newsletter, as well as supporting their mission in the fight for truth.

Let’s delve deeper into these topics.

IRS Waiving Failure-to-Pay Penalty for Eligible Taxpayers

The recent IRS announcement has brought hope to millions of Americans struggling to cope with their tax liabilities. The penalty waiver applies to individuals, businesses, trusts, estates, and tax-exempt organizations with a total tax liability below $100,000. To qualify for this relief, taxpayers must have received an initial notice from the IRS but no follow-up notice.

Key points regarding the penalty waiver include:

  • Approximately 4.7 million taxpayers are eligible for this relief, representing a substantial proportion of the American population.
  • The waiver aims to provide much-needed financial relief to those struggling with back taxes for the years 2020 and/or 2021.
  • This initiative showcases the IRS’s commitment to supporting taxpayers during these challenging times.

For more detailed information and analysis, it is recommended to watch the full IRS statement, which provides a comprehensive insight into the penalty relief. Ensuring compliance with tax regulations can be a daunting task, and availing oneself of the IRS’s guidance can be invaluable.

“No Farmers No Food” Documentary DVD

In line with their commitment to delivering informative content, The Epoch Times has released a documentary DVD titled “No Farmers No Food.” This compelling documentary sheds light on the crucial role that farmers play in ensuring our food security and the challenges they face in an ever-changing agricultural landscape.

Some key highlights of the documentary include:

  • Insightful interviews with farmers, agricultural experts, and policymakers.
  • A closer look at the impact of climate change, technology, and government regulations on the farming industry.
  • An exploration of sustainable farming practices and their potential to address global food shortages.
  • A thought-provoking examination of the future of agriculture and the importance of supporting farmers.

By purchasing the “No Farmers No Food” documentary DVD, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of the critical issues surrounding our food supply chain and the significance of supporting sustainable farming practices. This DVD serves as an eye-opening educational tool for individuals interested in the food industry, environmental sustainability, and societal impact.

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In conclusion, the recent announcement by the IRS regarding the waiver of the failure-to-pay penalty brings much-needed relief to millions of American taxpayers. The availability of the “No Farmers No Food” documentary DVD provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by our agricultural system and the importance of sustainable farming practices. Furthermore, staying informed and supporting The Epoch Times enables individuals to access a wealth of unbiased news and engaging content while contributing to the fight for truth.

Watch the full IRS statement and analysis for more information on the penalty relief, purchase the “No Farmers No Food” documentary DVD, and don’t forget to subscribe to The Epoch Times YouTube channel for a daily dose of informative content. Remember, knowledge is power, and staying informed is vital in today’s rapidly changing world.

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