Is Ilhan Omar a THREAT to America? – (INTERVIEW w/ Rep. Massie)

Is Ilhan Omar a THREAT to America? – (INTERVIEW w/ Rep. Massie)


In a recent video that has gained significant attention, Ilhan Omar, a congresswoman from Minnesota, referred to the president of Somalia as “my president.” This statement has sparked controversy and raised concerns among some about where her loyalty lies. In this article, I had the opportunity to interview Representative Thomas Massie, who believes that Ilhan Omar should have been expelled from Congress. We discussed his concerns about having a Somalia sympathizer in Congress, as well as his thoughts on the current situation with the border and the Biden administration’s response.

Heading 1: Ilhan Omar’s Allegiance

Sub-heading 1.1: “My president” statement

During our conversation, I asked Rep. Massie about his thoughts on Ilhan Omar’s statement referring to the president of Somalia as “my president.” Massie expressed deep concern, questioning the nature of her loyalty to the United States. He emphasized the importance of elected officials prioritizing their allegiance to the country they represent.

Sub-heading 1.2: Removal from the Foreign Affairs committee

It is worth noting that Ilhan Omar has already been removed from the Foreign Affairs committee due to controversial remarks regarding Israel. Massie sees this as a clear indication that her views and statements are problematic, and believes that further action should have been taken to hold her accountable for her words and actions.

Heading 2: Concerns about Omar’s Presence in Congress

Sub-heading 2.1: Somalia sympathizer

One of the main concerns raised by Massie is the potential influence of Ilhan Omar’s Somali heritage on her decision-making process. He believes that having a congresswoman with sympathies to Somalia, a country with its own set of challenges, could pose a threat to America’s national interests. Massie emphasizes the need for representatives who prioritize American values and interests above all else.

Sub-heading 2.2: Potential re-election

Massie acknowledges that, despite the controversy surrounding Ilhan Omar’s statements and actions, she is likely to win another term in her district. However, he firmly believes that concerned citizens should continue to raise their voices and engage with the electoral process to ensure that their concerns are heard and addressed.

Heading 3: The Border Situation and Massie’s Perspective

Sub-heading 3.1: Frustration of Americans

The current situation at the border has left many Americans frustrated. Massie expressed his concern about the overwhelming numbers of illegal crossings and the strain it puts on border security and resources. He believes that the Biden administration’s response has been inadequate.

Sub-heading 3.2: Senate deal and House outlook

There has been talk of a potential senate deal to address the border crisis; however, Massie is skeptical that it will gain traction in the House of Representatives. He believes that the hyper-partisan nature of Congress will hinder any meaningful progress on this issue.

Sub-heading 3.3: Blocking funding

To make a stand on border security and illegal alien processing, Massie suggests the use of a rider to block funding for these purposes. He believes that this tactic will draw attention to the issue and force a more comprehensive and effective approach to address the border crisis.


In the interview with Representative Massie, we explored his concerns about Ilhan Omar’s allegiances and actions in Congress. We discussed the potential threat posed by having a Somalia sympathizer in a position of power and influence. Additionally, Massie provided insights on the frustrating situation at the border and his suggestions for addressing it. While the future of Ilhan Omar’s political career remains uncertain, it is clear that there are those who believe she poses a potential threat to America. The concerns raised during this interview highlight the ongoing debates surrounding the loyalty and actions of elected officials.