Is the military TOO WOKE???

Is the military TOO WOKE???


As an individual, I must admit that I don’t fully understand what “woke” means. But what I can say is that the United States military is undoubtedly strong and powerful. In recent years, there have been debates surrounding the military’s commitment to being “woke.” Some argue that the military is succumbing to political correctness, while others believe that maintaining a diverse and inclusive force is essential. In this article, I aim to explore these arguments and shed light on the reality of the military’s stance on being “woke.”

The Strength of the Military is Unquestionable

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room – the military’s strength. The United States armed forces comprise dedicated men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our nation and its citizens. Their commitment, sacrifice, and unwavering defense make the military an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

The Military’s Readiness Rates are Better Now

Contrary to popular belief, the military’s readiness rates have actually improved in recent years. The focus on modernization, technological advancements, and proficiency has enabled the military to adapt and evolve to the changing global landscape. As a result, we have a military that is more prepared and capable than ever before.

The Navy’s Newest Recruiter Video: A Focal Point

Recently, a video featuring the Navy’s newest recruiter has gained significant attention. This video showcases a humorous yet stern interaction between a person impersonating a mother and another individual. While the video’s intention was to display the Navy’s recruitment efforts in an engaging and relatable manner, it has sparked conversations about the impact of “woke” culture on the military.

The Video and the Influence of “Woke” Culture

Some argue that the Navy’s video is a clear demonstration of the military embracing “woke” culture. They believe that the portrayal of a person impersonating a mother scolding someone indicates an attempt to be politically correct and cater to the sensitivities of society. However, it is essential to note that the video’s purpose was to showcase the Navy’s unique approach to recruiting and attract potential candidates.

The Military’s Focus on Preparedness and Effectiveness

Rather than being influenced by “woke” culture, the military’s primary focus is on being prepared and effective. The armed forces strive to maintain their strength, readiness, and capability, ensuring the ability to defend the nation and fulfill their responsibilities. While the military acknowledges the importance of diversity and inclusion, these aspects are not prioritized over the overall mission and preparedness.

Readiness: A Top Priority

The military’s readiness is a crucial aspect that should never be compromised. It is essential for the armed forces to maintain a high level of preparedness to deter potential threats and respond effectively when necessary. Any initiative or program that hampers the readiness or compromises the effectiveness of the military is a cause for concern.


In conclusion, the idea of the military being “too woke” is a topic of debate that involves various perspectives. As an individual, I believe that the military’s commitment to being strong, prepared, and effective remains unwavering. While it is vital to promote diversity and inclusivity within the armed forces, it is equally important to prioritize readiness and effectiveness to ensure national security. The Navy’s newest recruiter video, although intended to be engaging, should not be taken as an indication of the military becoming influenced by “woke” culture. The focus should always be on maintaining a resilient and capable force ready to defend our nation.

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