Jim Jordan to Newsmax: ‘God Bless Gov. Abbott for What He’s Doing’

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, applauded Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to continue building former President Trump’s border wall in Texas along the U.S. Southern border.

“God bless Gov. Abbott for what he’s doing,” Jordan told Newsmax‘s “Stinchfield” on Tuesday, referring to Abbott’s resilience and fortitude working to overcome the Biden administration’s continuing apathy toward the unprecedented border crisis.

“I applaud the governor and the citizens of that great state.”

Abbott, during a recent interview, talked about inviting Trump to the border to speak to the people of Texas on the border issues they face there.

“I invited him to come down to the border to visit with the public about the border because he set the high mark for what needs to be done on the border,” Abbott told “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“So, God bless Gov. Abbott,” Jordan lauded. “We need more governors pushing back on the ridiculous things that are going on here in Washington.

“Like Gov. [Ron] DeSantis, who’s done a great job in the state of Florida, we need more of that. The founders, in their wisdom set up the three branches of government here in Washington, separate equal branches to protect our liberties, but they also, in our federal system set up the states to push back on the federal government when the federal government was infringing upon our basic rights.”

“And, certainly, with what’s happening on the border, I think you can make a strong argument there, so let’s hope this moves forward,” Jordan added.

Likewise, bad policy can also be overcome in the voting booth, he said.

“We saw what happened two weeks ago, where in these municipal elections, in Democrat cities that Republicans got elected there on the border – like McAllen, Texas – because I think the citizens there are so frustrated with what the Biden Administration has created on our border,” Jordan said.

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