Joe Biden forgets to sign order he just gave speech about 🤦‍♂️


In a recent video created by Benny Johnson, an alarming incident involving Joe Biden unfolded during an event where he was supposed to sign an Executive Order. The video highlights a moment when Biden forgot to sign the Order and mentioned that he would come back to shake someone’s hand. This incident not only raises concerns about Biden’s memory lapses but also sheds light on the lack of action despite his promises.

Heading: Joe Biden’s Forgetfulness Raises Questions

Sub-heading: A Concerning Incident Goes Unnoticed

In the video captured by Benny Johnson, Joe Biden’s forgetfulness becomes apparent when he fails to sign the Executive Order he had just given a speech about. This incident not only highlights a lack of attention to detail but also questions Biden’s ability to remember his tasks. As a President, forgetting a crucial step in the process raises concerns about his competency and ability to carry out essential duties.

Heading: Lack of Action Despite Biden’s Talk

Sub-heading: Promises vs. Action

Biden’s forgetfulness during the event also raises concerns about his track record when it comes to taking decisive actions. While he may deliver powerful speeches and make promises, the lack of follow-through on this simple task of signing the Order underscores a pattern of talk without action. It is critical for a leader to not only articulate their intentions but also execute them diligently, ensuring that their words translate into tangible results.

Heading: A Visiting Angel’s Ad – Every Event with Biden

Sub-heading: A Recurring Pattern

Joe Biden’s events seemingly resemble a visiting Angel’s ad, where everything appears perfect, seamless, and well-orchestrated. However, beneath the veneer of picture-perfect events lies a lack of substance and efficacy. The incident of forgetting to sign the Order is a stark reminder that appearances can be deceiving. It is imperative for the public to look beyond the carefully crafted events and assess the actions and outcomes of the Biden administration.

Heading: S America’s Choice – Highlighting the Preferred Option

Sub-heading: An Alternative Perspective

While Joe Biden’s forgetfulness has stirred criticism and concern, it is crucial to explore alternative options. One such option is S America’s Choice, which stands out as a preferred option for home care. By focusing on the tangible actions and benefits provided by alternative solutions, the public can explore viable alternatives and ensure that their needs are met effectively.


Joe Biden’s forgetfulness during an event to sign an Executive Order raises questions about his ability to fulfill his duties as President. This incident, captured in a video by Benny Johnson, serves as a reminder that words without action hold no value. It is paramount for leaders to remember their tasks and execute them diligently to ensure that their promises are translated into tangible results. By exploring alternative options like S America’s Choice, the public can actively seek solutions that prioritize efficient and effective action over mere words. The incident of Biden’s forgetfulness serves as a wake-up call to scrutinize both the words and actions of our leaders, ensuring they align for the betterment of the nation.

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