Joe Rogan In TEARS Laughing Over BIG MIKE Joke | Kamala ‘Gypsy’ Impression 🤣

Welcome to our blog post! Today, we bring you a hilarious moment that left all of us in tears of laughter. Join us as we delve into Joe Rogan’s uncontrollable fit of laughter over a BIG MIKE joke. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also explore Kamala’s unforgettable ‘Gypsy’ impression. Prepare to be entertained and get ready to share a good laugh with us! Let’s dive in.


We, at Joe Rogan’s podcast, have always aimed to provide our listeners with unique and entertaining content. In a recent episode, our guest, Tim Dillon, had Joe Rogan laughing uncontrollably over his hilarious comments on Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama. Here, we dive into some of the highlights of their conversation and explore the laughter-inducing moments that took place.

  1. Tim Dillon’s Hilarious Take on Michelle Obama and George Soros:

During the podcast, Tim Dillon jokingly suggested that George Soros should have funded Michelle Obama’s presidential campaign. This witty remark only added to the laughter, as it magnified the absurdity of such a hypothetical scenario.

  1. Uncovering Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Michelle Obama’s Gender:

Tim Dillon, never shying away from controversial topics, questioned the conspiracy theories surrounding Michelle Obama’s gender. He delved into the outrageous claims and expressed his amusement at the wild rumors circulating. While not subscribing to these theories, Dillon highlighted the entertainment value they provide.

  1. The Uniqueness and Entertainment Value of Conspiracy Theories:

Tim Dillon further expressed his support for the uniqueness and entertainment value of conspiracy theories. He believes they can serve as a form of escapism and offer an alternative perspective on current events, even if they may not necessarily align with reality. The discussion surrounding these theories added an exciting and humorous element to the podcast.

  1. Negative Impact of Spreading Conspiracy Theories:

Dillon also mentioned the potential negative impact of spreading conspiracy theories, particularly on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and China. While acknowledging the entertainment aspect, he emphasized the importance of being responsible with information dissemination to avoid causing harm.

  1. Kamala Harris’s ‘Gypsy’ Impression and Joe Rogan’s Laughter:

Tim Dillon didn’t stop at Michelle Obama; he also commented on Kamala Harris’s speaking style. He compared it to Gypsy curses, eliciting laughter from Joe Rogan and the entire podcast audience. The playful banter between Dillon and Rogan added an element of lightheartedness to an otherwise serious political discourse.

  1. Exploring Alleged Financial Dealings of Joe Biden and His Family:

Another topic that had Joe Rogan and Tim Dillon laughing was the alleged financial dealings of Joe Biden and his family. Dillon shared his views on Biden, highlighting his perception of him as a company man and a Washington insider. This discussion showcased the podcast’s commitment to providing a platform for candid conversations on political topics.


The recent episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast featured moments of uncontrollable laughter as Tim Dillon shared his unique comedic perspective on Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama. From joking about George Soros funding Michelle Obama’s campaign to exploring conspiracy theories surrounding Obama’s gender, Dillon kept the atmosphere light and entertaining. The podcast provided both amusement and thought-provoking discussions, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking a blend of humor and politics.

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