Kyle Rittenhouse & Tucker Break Internet, ROAST CNN | ‘Not a Mostly Peaceful Protest-Its MASS ARSON’

Kyle Rittenhouse & Tucker Break Internet, ROAST CNN | ‘Not a Mostly Peaceful Protest-Its MASS ARSON’


In the midst of the chaos that followed the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, I found myself thrust into the spotlight as a defendant in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. The media coverage surrounding the story was intentionally dishonest and painted a distorted picture of who I really am. In this article, I will provide an insider’s perspective on the events that unfolded and shed light on the truth.

Heading 1: I Was Not a White Supremacist or Part of a Militia

Being labeled a white supremacist and a member of a militia is not only false but also damaging to my character. Contrary to popular belief, I am an ordinary individual who went to Kenosha to protect my father’s neighborhood. The narrative that was spun by the media was a deliberate attempt to discredit our cause and divert attention away from the rampant violence and destruction occurring during the riots.

Heading 2: Tucker Carlson Supported Me During the Trial

Throughout the trial, I received support from various individuals, including Tucker Carlson. Despite the negative portrayal in the mainstream media, Tucker recognized the importance of presenting all sides of the story and provided a platform for me to share my perspective. His unwavering support helped me navigate through the trial and provided a voice for those who believed in the right to self-defense and remaining free.

Heading 3: The Orchestrated Riots for Political Purposes

It is important to address the underlying political motives behind the riots in Kenosha. While many individuals genuinely protested against racial injustice, there were those who capitalized on the situation for political gain. The riots were an orchestrated effort to create chaos and further divide the nation. The media failed to acknowledge this and instead painted a picture of a mostly peaceful protest. The reality was far from it – it was mass arson and rampant violence.

Heading 4: I Defended Myself in the Kyle Rittenhouse Case

In the midst of the mayhem, I found myself facing serious charges, including murder. While it was an incredibly challenging time, I firmly believed in the right to self-defense. The events leading up to the shooting were chaotic, and I found myself fearing for my life. The jury ultimately acquitted me, recognizing that I acted in self-defense. The trial was a pivotal moment that highlighted the importance of upholding justice.

Heading 5: Public Opinion and False Accusations

The public was deeply divided on whether I was on the right side during the Kyle Rittenhouse case. The media played a significant role in shaping these opinions, often resorting to false accusations and misleading narratives. The negative publicity I received was overwhelming and tested my resilience. Despite the challenges, I remain steadfast in my belief that truth will prevail.


The Kyle Rittenhouse case shed light on the biased nature of media coverage and the power it holds in shaping public opinion. The intentional dishonesty and manipulation demonstrated the need for a critical examination of news sources. While the trial may be over, the impact on my life will be long-lasting. It is my hope that this article serves as a reminder to question narratives, seek the truth, and recognize the importance of protecting our right to self-defense and freedom.

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