LEAKED: The January 6th Tucker Interview Fox News DELETED | ‘J6 Was a FED Cover Up!’


In a shocking turn of events, Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund recently revealed concerning details about a potential cover-up during an interview that has since been leaked. The interview in question was conducted by popular news anchor Tucker Carlson and was mysteriously cut by Fox News. Chief Sund’s statements have raised eyebrows and ignited speculation of a deliberate attempt to withhold crucial information from the public. This article aims to delve deeper into the leaked interview and explore the implications of Chief Sund’s claims.

I. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund’s Revelations
Chief Steven Sund’s interview with Tucker Carlson has sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Sund, who was in charge of enforcing security during the Capitol riot on January 6th, made astounding allegations during the interview. According to him, the rioters consisted of federal agents, raising concerns about a potential cover-up.

II. Fox News Censorship?
Tucker Carlson, known for his hard-hitting style of reporting, mentioned that Fox News deliberately cut Chief Sund’s interview. This omission has raised questions about the intentions of the news network. Was Fox News involved in covering up the truth? Speculation surrounding this issue has further deepened the mystery surrounding the events of January 6th.

III. Pelosi’s Office Involvement
Adding further fuel to the fire, Pelosi’s office released footage admitting prior knowledge of the plan to storm the Capitol. This revelation has left many wondering if there was an orchestrated effort to allow the events to unfold. The involvement of high-ranking officials only underscores the gravity of Chief Sund’s claims.

IV. Secret Service and Insufficient Resources
It has come to light that the Secret Service dissuaded an individual from coming to Capitol Hill that fateful day due to insufficient resources. This revelation raises questions about the preparedness of the security apparatus, and whether the events were part of a larger plan. Could the lack of resources have been intentional to allow the riot to occur?

V. Political Motivations
During the fallout from the Capitol riot, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi mentioned waiting for trespassing on the Capitol grounds. This statement suggests that charges of trespassing were strategically planned to target supporters of the then-President, Donald Trump. Many see this as another instance of the Democrats using any opportunity to gain and consolidate power.

In conclusion, the leaked Tucker Carlson interview with Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has shed light on potential cover-ups and hidden agendas surrounding the events of January 6th. Chief Sund’s shocking claims have further stoked the fire of speculation regarding the true nature of the Capitol riot. As more information emerges, it becomes increasingly crucial to scrutinize the motives and actions of those in power. The truth behind what occurred on that fateful day may still be concealed, but the leaked interview has certainly raised compelling questions that demand answers.

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