Levin: Should Rashida Tlaib Be Expelled From Congress?


In the recent news, there has been a controversy surrounding Rashida Tlaib, a progressive Democrat, who has been blaming Israel for a hospital explosion. This accusation has raised questions about her credibility and whether she should be expelled from Congress. In this article, we will explore the arguments presented by conservative commentator Mark Levin, who discusses the influence of Hamas on the Democratic Party, and examine the wider context of the infiltration of anti-Israel entities into college campuses and media. We will also explore the online platform BlazeTV, which provides a variety of videos and content for viewers, and discuss the membership options and other features available to its subscribers.

The Influence of Hamas on the Democratic Party

According to Mark Levin, there is evidence suggesting that Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, has significant influence within the Democratic Party. This influence manifests through individuals like Rashida Tlaib, who have been vocal in their support for Hamas and their criticism of Israel. Levin argues that Tlaib’s blaming of Israel for the hospital explosion without sufficient evidence is just another example of the influence of Hamas on the party.

Explosion in the Hospital: Video Evidence

Video evidence has emerged showing that a rocket launched from Gaza misfired, causing destruction in a hospital. However, despite this evidence, Tlaib and other progressive Democrats continue to blame Israel. This raises questions about their motivations and whether they are simply using this incident to further their own anti-Israel agenda. It is important to consider all the available evidence before jumping to conclusions.

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In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Rashida Tlaib’s accusations against Israel raises important questions about her credibility and whether she should be expelled from Congress. Conservative commentator Mark Levin has highlighted the influence of Hamas on the Democratic Party, which may explain Tlaib’s anti-Israel stance. It is essential to consider all available evidence, such as the video footage showing the misfired rocket, before making judgments. Furthermore, BlazeTV offers a platform for conservative voices and provides a range of videos and content for viewers. By becoming a member, purchasing merchandise, and engaging with BlazeTV on social media, individuals can support the growth of this platform and connect with like-minded individuals.