Libs ADMIT January 6th Was a ‘TV Production’ in New Documentary | ‘We Wanted To make A SERIES!’ 👀

Libs ADMIT January 6th Was a ‘TV Production’ in New Documentary | ‘We Wanted To make A SERIES!’ 👀


In a stunning revelation, a recent documentary has shed light on the true nature of the January 6th Committee and its hearings. The documentary, created by acclaimed filmmaker Benny Johnson, exposes the committee’s intention to manipulate the audience and gain publicity. It uncovers the involvement of James Goldston, the former president of ABC News, in producing the hearings and presents evidence of potential entrapment tactics used on January 6th protesters. Let’s delve into the details and uncover the shocking truth behind the January 6th Committee’s fully produced TV show.

The January 6 Committee – A Fully Produced TV Show

The documentary emphasizes that the January 6th Committee was more than just a fact-finding mission. It was a fully produced TV show aimed at captivating the audience’s attention. This revelation raises questions about the committee’s true intentions and credibility.

Former ABC News President in the Spotlight

James Goldston, a former president of ABC News, was brought in to produce the hearings and make them as compelling as possible. Goldston’s vast experience in the media industry made him the perfect candidate for the job. However, his involvement raises concerns about the committee’s impartiality.

Manipulating the Audience

The committee’s desire to present the information in a compelling way, like a mini-series, indicates a clear intention to manipulate the audience’s perception of the events that unfolded on January 6th. This approach undermines the committee’s credibility and raises doubts about the accuracy of the presented information.

The Epstein Tapes Controversy

The documentary also reveals another controversial aspect of James Goldston’s involvement. It highlights how Goldston prevented the release of the Jeffrey Epstein tapes, raising questions about his objectivity and potential conflicts of interest.

Lies and Deceit Exposed

The documentary meticulously exposes the lies and deceit perpetuated by the January 6th Committee throughout its hearings. It presents evidence that challenges the committee’s narrative and sheds light on potential discrepancies in their testimonies.

The Shocking Security Breach

One of the most alarming aspects revealed in the documentary is the security breach that occurred on January 6th. The doors of the US Capitol, typically heavily secured, were left wide open, allowing hundreds of people to enter without resistance. This revelation undermines the narrative that the protesters forcefully breached the Capitol, suggesting potential involvement of complicit individuals within the security apparatus.

Unsecured Capitol Doors

The fact that the doors of the US Capitol were left open is shocking and raises serious concerns about the security protocols in place on that fateful day. Standard procedures mandate the strict control of access points to such important government buildings, making this security lapse highly unusual.

Surveillance Footage Contradictions

Security footage analyzed in the documentary contradicts the established procedures and showcases the Capitol doors swinging wide open. This footage challenges the narrative presented by the committee and highlights potential entrapment tactics employed against the January 6th protesters.


Benny Johnson’s documentary provides a critical analysis of the January 6th Committee and its fully produced TV show. It sheds light on the committee’s intention to manipulate the audience and gain publicity, while also exposing lies and deceit. The revelation of the unsecured Capitol doors and potential entrapment tactics raises significant questions about the events of that day. As this documentary unveils the hidden truth, it serves as a reminder to remain vigilant and question the narratives presented to us.

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