LOL: Benny Johnson Reviews Trump’s NFTs

LOL: Benny Johnson Reviews Trump's NFTs

Like to get your opinion on some of These new Trump uh nfts that are coming Out I bought seven today I spent 700 all The money I had left in my bank account Um and I think it was a good purchase so Can we get you to meme review a few of These incredible uh Trump nfts of course Okay what is this nft I can't read Anything Um it's it's Trump trying to be Alexandria Stein trying to be a Ballerina so you're making fun of me so The first one you're gonna make fun of Me in front of me the whole show you're Making fun of me we are doing the ballet Bit I'm the one I got a 2-2 halfway up My ass crack and you're gonna come here And then you're just gonna cartoon Impose Trump on it he doesn't have to Put on the thong no he really that this Cost me 700 Bitcoins okay What do we think about this what do you Think what do you think the resale value Is Like like a a a a 24 pack of Bud Light Oh that's kind of good we love Bud Light And we're very Pro Bud Light okay please For the love of God do you have any or Any of these funny please jvt what's the Next one I'm gonna drink this Bud Light And get extra good what is this this is Donald Trump is the queen oh well I Googled Donald Trump as a pedophile And they came up as a queen he should

Have came up as like you know Elaine Maxwell maybe Morgan Lane Maxwell I bet The Queen's probably a pedo they're all Pedos honestly at this point Um what do we think about trans Trump I mean her son is unequivocally like Confirmed right like prince Andrew is a Is a confirmed Predator right like a Jeffrey Epstein like yes certified like They were they were they they were very Close friends and buddies and he was a Client of Jeffrey Epstein like that's All confirmed right yo 100 it even gets Worse there's a guy named Jimmy Savile Who is one of the top pedophiles of all Time and he was best friends with Prince Charles and was knighted by the queen so Jeffrey Epstein being best friends with The Queen's son prince Andrew I mean It's not just prince Andrew so the whole Entire role of family is caught up in This weird pay for play and they're Basically Above the Law you know so I Guess that's why they probably never get Caught okay next nft this is a good one Kim Young Trump what are we doing are we Buying are we denying Ben I I buy Which one if there's two because I kind Of like I kind of I I kind of like that Kim Young with the Trump hair though too He's looking kind of fine honestly I Like the trumpets every guy's haircut in The late 90s early 2000s the butt cut

Yeah the butt cut Benny probably had a Butt cut Ben you had a butt cut come on He's coming back and I think that Trump Would look I mean Trump looks dope [Applause] [Music] But no games

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