Mark Levin’s POWERFUL Reaction to Hamas’ WAR CRIMES in Israel


In a thought-provoking video created by BlazeTV, Mark Levin, a prominent conservative commentator and lawyer, delivers a powerful reaction to the war crimes committed by Hamas in Israel. With his expertise and deep understanding of the conflicts in the Middle East, Levin sheds light on the grave consequences of the Biden administration’s appeasement policy towards Hamas and Iran. This review will delve into the various aspects brought up by Levin, covering topics such as the invasion of Israel, rising casualty rates, historical background, international alliances, betrayals, and the threat of the Iranian regime.

The Appeasement Policy of the Biden Administration

Levin highlights the consequences of the appeasement policy pursued by the Biden administration, which has allowed Hamas and Iran to invade Israel without sufficient repercussions. By failing to adopt a strong stance against these entities, the Biden administration has emboldened them to continue their aggression, putting innocent lives at risk.

Rising Israeli Death Toll

The invasion of Israel by Hamas and Iran has resulted in a concerning rise in the Israeli death toll. Levin emphasizes the gravity of this situation, stressing the urgent need for action to protect Israeli citizens from further harm. The indiscriminate attacks directed towards civilian areas further demonstrate the dire impact of Hamas’ war crimes.

Israel’s Response and Civilian Casualties

As the Israeli government responds to the provocations and attacks by Hamas, civilian casualties in Gaza have unfortunately increased. Levin addresses this sensitive issue, acknowledging the tragic loss of innocent lives. It is crucial to find a solution that ensures the safety and security of both Israeli and Palestinian civilians amid this ongoing conflict.

Historical Background: The West Bank, Judea, and Samaria

To provide a comprehensive context, Levin mentions the historical name of the West Bank, which was known as Judea and Samaria prior to 1948. This historical reference contributes to a deeper understanding of the territorial complexities in the region, highlighting the longstanding disputes between Israel and Palestine.

Allies with Hitler: Amin Al Husseini

Levin draws attention to an important historical fact that Amin Al Husseini, a Palestinian leader, allied himself with Adolf Hitler during World War II. This alliance led to Husseini contributing troops to the Third Reich. The existence of this alliance serves to highlight the complex historical relationships and alliances within the region.

Betrayal by Obama and Biden

Levin asserts that the Obama and Biden administrations have betrayed the people of Israel through their actions and policies. By not fully supporting Israel’s defense against Hamas and failing to enforce necessary sanctions on Iran, they have jeopardized the security and well-being of the Israeli population.

The Threat of Iran and Nuclear Capabilities

One of the most concerning aspects surrounding Hamas’ war crimes is the support it receives from Iran. Levin emphasizes the significant threat posed by the Iranian regime, particularly in terms of their nuclear capabilities. With Iran’s potential to develop nuclear weapons, their alliances with extremist groups like Hamas further exacerbate tensions and pose risks beyond just the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Targeting Jews, Christians, and Non-Believers

Contrary to popular misconceptions, Hamas is not solely targeting Jews in Israel. Levin emphasizes that their aggression extends to Christians and non-believers as well. This underscores the importance of recognizing the broader implications and impact of the crimes committed by Hamas, as they threaten the peace and security of diverse communities within the region.

The Democrat Party’s Position on Israel

While not explicitly mentioned by Levin, it is worth noting that the Democrat Party’s stance on Israel has raised concerns among certain factions. The existence of a Hamas wing within the party has led to debates regarding the level of support Israel receives from the Democrats.

In conclusion, Mark Levin’s passionate and insightful review of Hamas’ war crimes in Israel sheds light on the consequences of the Biden administration’s appeasement policy, the rising Israeli death toll, the impact on civilian lives in Gaza, historical nuances, alliances, betrayals, the threat of the Iranian regime, and divisions within the Democrat Party. It is vital to address these issues and work towards a resolution that ensures the safety and security of all parties involved. The international community must condemn these war crimes and strive for a lasting and peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.