Mass Election Fraud CAUGHT On-Camera! Voters PAID To Vote For Democrat, Driven To Polling Place


In a stunning turn of events, allegations of voter fraud have rocked the state of Massachusetts. The controversy centers around a video created by Benny Johnson that exposes an alleged scheme to manipulate the electoral process. This article will delve into the details of the video and the potential legal consequences for those involved.

Allegations of Voter Fraud in Massachusetts

The video, created by Benny Johnson, sheds light on the alleged voter fraud taking place in Massachusetts. One of the key figures implicated in this scandal is Justin Hurst, a mayoral candidate in Springfield. According to the allegations, Hurst is accused of not only paying individuals to vote for him but also offering cash incentives after they have cast their votes.

  1. Affidavits from Poll Workers

The seriousness of these allegations is amplified by the fact that affidavits from poll workers have come to light, detailing instances where people requested payment in exchange for voting for Hurst. These sworn statements paint a troubling picture of potential money-driven election manipulations.

  1. Surveillance Footage

The video contains surveillance footage that captures individuals being handed cash immediately after voting. The visuals are clear and unmistakable, leaving little room for doubt. This damning evidence raises serious questions about the integrity of the electoral process in Massachusetts.

  1. Legal Consequences

The allegations of voter fraud in Massachusetts could have severe legal consequences for those involved. If proven true, Justin Hurst and other individuals implicated in the scheme could face criminal charges, potentially leading to fines, imprisonment, or even the nullification of the election results.

Accusations and Denials

In response to the allegations, Justin Hurst has shifted blame onto his opponent, Dominic Sarno, accusing him of orchestrating the entire voter fraud scenario. Hurst claims that Sarno has resorted to desperate measures in an attempt to hinder his mayoral campaign. However, Dominic Sarno vehemently denies the allegations and instead points to the incriminating surveillance footage as proof that wrongdoing lies elsewhere.

Widespread Voter Fraud

The video created by Benny Johnson not only exposes the alleged voter fraud in Springfield but also highlights similar instances in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The footage shows a woman removing ballots from a resident’s mailbox, suggesting that votes were potentially being forged or stolen.

It is deeply concerning that these incidents are taking place in multiple locations within the state. Such widespread voter fraud undermines the fundamental principles of democracy and erodes trust in the electoral system.


In conclusion, the video created by Benny Johnson uncovers a shocking case of alleged voter fraud in Massachusetts. The accusations against Justin Hurst, a mayoral candidate in Springfield, and the footage capturing the exchange of cash after voting, present a compelling case of election manipulation. The legal consequences for Hurst and others involved in the scheme could be severe.

Moreover, the emergence of similar incidents in Lawrence further emphasizes the need to address this issue proactively. The integrity of the electoral process must be preserved, and measures must be taken to ensure that every vote counts. The repercussions of voter fraud strike at the heart of democracy, and it is imperative that swift action is taken to restore faith in the system.

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