Megyn Kelly Shreds CNN Host – ‘Shut The Eff Up’


In a recent incident that has caused quite a stir in the media, former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has criticized CNN host Abby Phillip for cutting off a Republican candidate during a town hall event. This incident has sparked a debate about journalistic integrity and the freedom of speech for political candidates. Let’s delve deeper into this controversy and examine the various viewpoints surrounding this incident.

Megan Kelly and the Criticism

During the town hall event hosted by CNN, Republican candidate Vivic Ramaswami was sharing conspiracy theories that stirred controversy. Throughout Ramaswami’s speech, Abby Phillip, the CNN host, repeatedly interrupted him, preventing him from fully expressing his point of view. This interruption did not sit well with Megyn Kelly, who expressed her annoyance at Phillip’s behavior.

CNN’s Behavior and Ramaswami’s Claims

According to Kelly, CNN’s repeated interruptions were preventing Ramaswami from speaking freely and conveying his message effectively. She criticized Phillip, referring to her as “annoying” and voicing her frustration by saying, “Shut the eff up.” Kelly’s frustration stemmed from her belief that CNN was not providing a fair platform for Republican candidates to express their ideas.

Phillip Challenges Ramaswami’s Claims

During the town hall event, Phillip challenged Ramaswami’s claim that federal agents were present on January 6, referencing the Capitol riots. She questioned the validity of his statement, aiming to uphold the standards of accurate reporting. This exchange between Phillip and Ramaswami further ignited the discussion surrounding journalistic responsibility and the role of the media in political discourse.

Kelly’s Agreement with Phillip’s Challenge

Surprisingly, despite her criticism of Phillip’s interruptions, Kelly agreed with the CNN host’s challenge to Ramaswami’s claim. She acknowledged the need to fact-check political statements and separate conspiracy theories from factual information. This highlights the complexity of the situation, where journalists must navigate between providing a platform for free expression and upholding the principles of responsible reporting.

Kelly Criticizes CNN’s Invitation

Kelly went on to criticize CNN for inviting Ramaswami to the town hall event but not allowing him to speak freely. She argued that by inviting him as a guest, CNN should have provided a fair environment for him to present his ideas, even if they were controversial. Kelly’s criticism raises questions about the role of media outlets in shaping political narratives and fostering meaningful debates.


The incident between Megyn Kelly, Abby Phillip, and Vivic Ramaswami highlights the ongoing debate surrounding journalistic integrity, the freedom of speech for political candidates, and the responsibility of media outlets in presenting diverse viewpoints. While Kelly criticized CNN for limiting Ramaswami’s freedom of expression, she also acknowledged the importance of fact-checking and avoiding the spread of conspiracy theories. This incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance that journalists must maintain between providing a platform for diverse voices and upholding the principles of responsible reporting.

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