MTG Shrinks Pete Buttigieg Salary to $1 | East Palestine Rejoices 🔥 💵

MTG Shrinks Pete Buttigieg Salary to $1 | East Palestine Rejoices 🔥 💵


In a recent twist of events, Marjorie Taylor Green, a Republican congresswoman, has successfully managed to reduce the salary of Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation, to a mere dollar. This controversial move has sparked a multitude of reactions, with East Palestine residents expressing their joy at the development.

Marjorie Taylor Green’s Amendment Sparks Controversy

Marjorie Taylor Green’s amendment to the general government appropriations act that served as the catalyst for Pete Buttigieg’s reduced salary has drawn significant attention. The amendment itself, proposing this salary reduction, received heated debate on the House floor, leading to its eventual passage.

Green’s underlying argument focuses on the perceived lack of effectiveness of Buttigieg’s service as Secretary of Transportation. Critics argue that his emphasis on issues such as labeling roads as racist and implementing climate change initiatives has detracted from more critical duties, such as strengthening transportation infrastructure. This controversy has only deepened the divide among politicians and the American public.

Buttigieg’s Infamous Bike Ride Stunt

One of the incidents that further fueled the criticism of Pete Buttigieg is his staged bike ride to the White House. This highly publicized event was seen by many as a mere publicity stunt, aimed at showcasing Buttigieg’s commitment to promoting environmentally friendly transportation methods. Such actions have contributed to the perception that Buttigieg prioritizes optics over tangible results.

Biden’s Promises and Priorities

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, has also come under scrutiny in relation to East Palestine. Despite promising to pay a visit to the area following a disaster, he has yet to do so. This, combined with reports of Biden spending 40% of his time as president on vacation, including in his home state of Delaware, has raised concerns among citizens about the President’s priorities.

Neglected Rural America

While Pete Buttigieg’s actions have been lauded for their focus on equity and accessibility, the sentiment in rural America is one of neglect. Residents in these areas believe that initiatives driven by Buttigieg’s department disproportionately favor urban centers, leaving rural communities behind.

One example of this perceived negligence is the introduction of racial equity considerations for awarding discretionary grants within the transportation sector. While the principle behind these considerations is seen as noble, critics argue that they overlook the specific needs and challenges faced by rural communities.

Buttigieg’s Billion-Dollar Pilot Program

Notwithstanding the criticism, Pete Buttigieg’s department has taken steps to address the concerns of neglected communities. One significant initiative is the launch of a billion-dollar pilot program aimed at reconnecting cities. This program seeks to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas by improving transportation infrastructure and connectivity.


The reduction of Pete Buttigieg’s salary to a dollar by Marjorie Taylor Green has ignited a contentious debate surrounding his performance as Secretary of Transportation. While some argue that his actions prioritize optics over tangible results, others believe that he is genuinely committed to issues of equity and accessibility. Ultimately, Buttigieg’s tenure will be defined by his ability to address the concerns of all Americans, including those in neglected rural communities, and ensure that transportation infrastructure is improved for the benefit of the entire nation.

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