In a time where political chaos seems to be the norm, it is important to analyze the impact of past leaders on the state of the nation. One such leader who left a lasting impression on the American political landscape is Donald J. Trump. Known for his unorthodox style and controversial policies, Trump’s presidency was marked by a series of unprecedented events. In this review, we will focus on a video by Benny Johnson that highlights some of the key achievements and controversies of Trump’s presidency. Let’s delve into the chaotic world of Trump and explore why the rallying cry for “NO NEW WARS! TRUMP 2024” resonates with his supporters.

Most of the chaos was caused by the Democrats constantly going after him:

One cannot discuss the chaos surrounding Trump’s presidency without mentioning the relentless attacks from the opposing party. From the moment he took office, Democrats were determined to undermine his every move. It seemed as if their sole mission was to obstruct his agenda and discredit his administration. The constant focus on Russia and Ukraine caused a lot of chaos, diverting attention from other pressing issues. Instead of working towards bipartisan cooperation, the Democrats seemed fixated on proving Trump’s collusion with foreign powers. This obsession with investigation after investigation only fueled the chaos and prevented meaningful progress.

The constant focus on Russia and Ukraine caused a lot of chaos:

While allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election and the subsequent impeachment trial over the Ukraine scandal dominated headlines, the average American was left wondering about the impact on their daily lives. The constant barrage of news coverage focused primarily on these issues, overshadowing the potential achievements and policies of the Trump administration. While it is essential to address any potential wrongdoing, it is equally important to maintain a balanced focus on other critical matters impacting the nation.

They had chaos, not him:

Contrary to popular perception, Trump himself was not the primary source of chaos during his presidency. Despite his unfiltered and at times controversial statements, it was the constant opposition and negative media portrayal that contributed to the chaotic atmosphere. Trump’s supporters argue that he was simply a victim of circumstances, trying to navigate through a hostile political environment. While his unorthodox approach may have contributed to the polarization, Trump’s intentions were to deliver results and shake up the traditional political norms.

He achieved the biggest tax cuts in history:

One significant achievement touted by Trump and his supporters is the implementation of the largest tax cuts in history. With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Trump aimed to stimulate economic growth and provide relief for American taxpayers. This legislation reduced corporate tax rates, provided tax cuts for middle-class families, and simplified the tax code. Proponents argue that these cuts resulted in increased job creation and higher wages, effectively boosting the economy.

He also achieved the biggest regulation cuts in history:

In addition to tax cuts, Trump focused on deregulation as a means to promote economic growth. His administration made significant efforts to eliminate unnecessary regulations that were seen as burdensome to businesses and stifled innovation. The goal was to create a more business-friendly environment, allowing companies to thrive and create jobs. While critics argue that deregulation may have negative consequences for the environment and consumer protection, proponents argue that it opens up opportunities for economic expansion and entrepreneurship.

He didn’t have any wars during his presidency, unlike the past 72 years:

During his presidential campaign, Trump emphasized a non-interventionist approach to foreign affairs, promising to avoid unnecessary wars. This promise resonated with many of his supporters who were weary of the country’s involvement in ongoing conflicts. Throughout his term, Trump managed to maintain a relatively peaceful international landscape without engaging in new major military actions. While military actions were taken in response to specific threats, his administration avoided large-scale conflicts, setting him apart from his predecessors.

He wants the energy back in the White House immediately:

Trump’s mantra of “America First” extended to his energy policies as well. He championed the notion of energy independence, emphasizing the need to utilize domestic resources to reduce dependence on foreign oil. By rolling back regulations on the energy industry and promoting domestic production, Trump aimed to bolster the economy while ensuring a secure energy future for the nation. His policies were met with both praise and criticism, but the overarching goal of bringing energy back to the White House immediately resonated with his supporters.


Donald J. Trump’s presidency was undoubtedly marked by chaos, but the source of this chaos can be attributed to the relentless attacks from the opposing party and the media frenzy surrounding investigations. Despite the controversies, Trump’s supporters applaud his achievements, such as implementing historic tax cuts and deregulation. Additionally, his non-interventionist approach to foreign affairs and emphasis on energy independence garnered support from those who desired a change in traditional politics. As the call for “NO NEW WARS! TRUMP 2024” echoes, it becomes evident that Trump’s legacy remains a divisive topic, highlighting the deep divisions within American society.

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