Obama Says ‘You Can’t Trust White People’ In New Doomsday Netflix Film | Predictive Programming?

Obama Says ‘You Can’t Trust White People’ In New Doomsday Netflix Film | Predictive Programming?


In a surprising move, former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have taken on the role of producers for a doomsday film set to be released on Netflix. Titled “Leave the World Behind,” the movie not only warns about a devastating cyber attack that shuts down all power in the United States but also includes a controversial scene bashing white people. It is important to delve into the details of this film, its connection to real-world events, and the potential impact of such a production.

The Film’s Premise and Obama’s Involvement

“Leave the World Behind” centers around a cyber attack that cripples the entire power grid of the United States, plunging the country into chaos and lawlessness. Obama and Michelle have actively participated in the film’s production as producers, lending their expertise to bring this apocalyptic vision to fruition.

A Scene Bashing White People

Among the various plotlines and subplots in the movie, there is a controversial scene that portrays a negative light on white individuals. Such content has triggered discussions about racial bias, perpetuating stereotypes, and the motives behind its inclusion. Critics argue that this scene promotes the divisive idea that one race can’t be trusted, which raises questions about the intentions behind this creative choice.

Predicting Real-Life Events

One interesting aspect of “Leave the World Behind” is its potential as a form of predictive programming. Netflix has previously released shows that eerily predicted real-life events, which has sparked speculation about the intentions behind such productions. This connection between media and reality adds an intriguing layer to the film and its impact on our collective consciousness.

The World Economic Forum’s Prediction for 2021

It is worth noting that the World Economic Forum had predicted a similar catastrophic event, like a pandemic, in 2021. The correlation between this prediction and the themes presented in “Leave the World Behind” fuel discussions about hidden agendas and a potential lead-up to some unforeseen yet prophesied event.

The Economic and Societal Damages of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks have become a pervasive threat in our increasingly digital world. They not only cause significant economic damages but also have far-reaching societal consequences. By targeting critical infrastructure and communication systems, cyber attackers can disrupt essential services, compromise personal data, and create mass panic.

Disconnecting Vulnerable Devices as a Solution

To mitigate the effects of a cyber attack, experts emphasize the urgent need to disconnect vulnerable devices and strengthen cybersecurity measures. Cybersecurity protocols, proper maintenance of systems and regular updating of software are crucial to reducing the likelihood and impact of such attacks. Taking these preventive steps is vital to safeguarding critical infrastructure and maintaining public trust.

The Unpreparedness for Cyber Attacks

Despite our growing dependence on technology, the impact of cyber attacks is often greater than what we are prepared for. As society relies more and more on interconnected systems, the vulnerability to cyber threats increases exponentially. It is imperative that we remain proactive in our efforts to secure our digital infrastructure and develop robust response plans to mitigate potential damages.


“Leave the World Behind” is a thought-provoking film that explores the consequences of a devastating cyber attack and its impact on society. While the inclusion of a scene bashing white people has stirred controversy, the movie’s overarching narrative raises important questions about our preparedness for such events. As we navigate the increasingly complex digital landscape, it is crucial to remain vigilant, strengthen cybersecurity measures, and prioritize the protection of critical infrastructure.

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