Only MLB Team to Not Have Woke Pride Night Wins World Series | ‘Jesus Won!’


In a world filled with political agendas and controversy, the Texas Rangers stood out as the only Major League Baseball (MLB) team that did not embrace the trend of hosting a “woke pride night” or drag show. Instead, they focused on their faith and maintained a quiet, focused approach. This article explores how the Rangers’ unwavering commitment to their beliefs paid off by winning the World Series. From their conscious decision to avoid political agendas to the impact of their faith, we delve into the factors that contributed to their incredible victory.

The Texas Rangers and Their Unconventional Approach

While many MLB teams jumped on the bandwagon of embracing political causes, the Texas Rangers took a different path. By refraining from hosting a pride night or drag show, they demonstrated that they placed their faith above all else. This decision set them apart from their peers, as they chose to maintain a more traditional and focused approach to the sport.

Robbie Starbuck’s “Jesus Won” Shirts

One notable moment that highlighted the Rangers’ commitment to their faith was when Robbie Starbuck, a filmmaker and avid Rangers fan, tweeted about the team’s focus on Jesus. Starbuck designed and wore a custom-made shirt that read “Jesus Won” in support of the Texas Rangers. This simple yet powerful statement encapsulated the team’s dedication to their beliefs, resonating with both the players and fans.

Evan Carter’s Journey to the World Series

Evan Carter’s story is a testament to determination and passion. At just 21 years old, Carter went from playing DAA baseball to starting for the Texas Rangers in the World Series. His remarkable journey captured the attention of baseball fans worldwide. In an interview, Carter expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and credited God for his success. His humble and faith-filled attitude resonated with both teammates and fans alike.

The Dodgers and the Controversy Surrounding Pride Night

While the Texas Rangers chose to distance themselves from political controversies, the Los Angeles Dodgers faced protests and backlash for honoring a satirical group called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. This group’s flamboyant outfits and makeup were seen by many Catholics as mocking religion. The Dodgers’ decision to celebrate this group drew criticism and divided opinions among fans.

The Aftermath of the Dodgers’ Decision

The controversy surrounding the Dodgers’ support of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence intensified when a member of the group was arrested for indecent exposure. The incident further fueled the backlash against the Dodgers, prompting the Archbishop of Los Angeles to hold a mass addressing the controversy. The fallout from their decision showcased the potential risks of embracing political agendas within the realm of professional sports.

The Success of the Rangers’ Approach

In contrast to the Dodgers’ tumultuous experience, the Texas Rangers’ quiet and focused approach seemed to have paid off. Their dedication to their faith and refusal to deviate from their beliefs created a cohesive and supportive environment within the team. This unity and unwavering commitment played a significant role in their remarkable journey to the World Series victory.

In conclusion, the Texas Rangers stood out as the only MLB team that did not embrace a “woke pride night” or drag show. Their decision to focus on their faith and avoid political agendas was met with resounding success. From Robbie Starbuck’s “Jesus Won” shirts to Evan Carter’s remarkable journey, their dedication to their beliefs shone through.

The controversy surrounding the Dodgers’ support for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence served as a stark contrast to the Rangers’ approach. The quiet, focused commitment of the Rangers in affirming their belief system seemed to have played a significant role in their World Series victory.

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