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In today’s society, it is unfortunate that individuals are often labeled based on their ethnicity. As a diverse group of Americans, we firmly believe that our identity should not be defined solely by our African roots. We see ourselves as Americans, regardless of our ancestral heritage. It is important to recognize that we are unsure about our specific African heritage or country of origin. However, our roots can be traced back to Louisiana, a place filled with rich history and culture.

  1. We transcend color

Being American transcends color for us. We strongly believe that our nationality should be at the forefront, rather than the color of our skin. It is disheartening to be constantly subjected to labels that do not fully encompass who we are as individuals.

  1. Our diverse background

Our diverse background contributes to our unique identity. We come from a melting pot of different cultures and experiences, making us who we are today. This diversity should be celebrated rather than used to divide us.

  1. Facing criticism

We are fully aware that rejecting the label “African-American” may invite criticism from those who believe it is essential to acknowledge our African heritage. However, our intention is not to disregard or dismiss our ancestral roots. Instead, our goal is to embrace our American identity without succumbing to one specific label.

  1. Rejecting labels

We prefer not to identify ourselves with any particular label. Society has a tendency to categorize and label individuals based on their race or ethnicity, but we find it limiting and divisive. We want to break free from these constraints and be recognized for who we are as unique individuals.

  1. Embracing our American identity

Instead of being categorized and labeled, we simply want to embrace our American identity. We want to be seen as equal citizens of this great nation, irrespective of our ethnic backgrounds. Our goal is to be judged based on our character, accomplishments, and contributions to society, rather than being defined by the color of our skin.

In conclusion, it is disheartening to witness the judgment and labeling that occurs in society. We should strive to see past the color of someone’s skin and focus on their character and contributions. As Americans, we want to firmly establish our identity as Americans, embracing the diverse background that makes us who we are. Our intention is not to reject or dismiss our African roots, but to transcend the color, reject labels, and be recognized for our individuality. Let’s strive for a more inclusive society where we can all be accepted and celebrated for who we truly are.

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