Outrage As Woke Lib Boston Mayor Hosts Christmas Party For Everyone Except ‘White People’

Outrage As Woke Lib Boston Mayor Hosts Christmas Party For Everyone Except ‘White People’


In a shocking turn of events, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu recently made headlines for hosting a Christmas party that excluded white people. This act of segregation, disguised as progress, has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the violation of civil rights laws. As we delve into the controversy surrounding this event, it becomes evident that such racialized policies and divisions only serve to harm society.

The Controversy Unveiled:

  1. Liberals are pushing segregation, claiming it as progress:

The incident involving Boston Mayor Michelle Wu hosting a nonwhites-only holiday party sheds light on the growing trend of liberals promoting segregation while misguidedly labeling it as progress. This approach not only goes against the principles of equality and inclusivity but also deepens the divide within communities.

  1. Boston Mayor Michelle Wu held a nonwhites holiday party, excluding white people:

The fact that Mayor Wu organized a holiday party exclusively for nonwhites, excluding white individuals, has ignited a firestorm of criticism and backlash. The optics of such an event can only be interpreted as divisive and discriminatory.

  1. The party’s segregation is a violation of civil rights laws:

By intentionally excluding white individuals from the holiday party, Mayor Wu’s actions may be seen as a violation of civil rights laws. Equal treatment under the law should be extended to every citizen, regardless of their race or ethnicity. Segregated gatherings only serve to perpetuate harmful stereotypes and further polarize society.

The Mayor’s Defense and Backlash:

  1. Wu defended the party and claimed it was just a gathering for elected officials of color:

When confronted with the controversy surrounding the nonwhites-only holiday party, Mayor Wu defended her decision, explaining that the event was intended as a gathering for elected officials of color. However, the exclusion of white individuals undermines the principles of equality and inclusion that should be at the forefront of public service.

  1. The mayor’s office apologized for accidentally inviting everyone to the party:

Following widespread criticism, the mayor’s office issued an apology, stating that the invitations were mistakenly sent to all individuals instead of the intended nonwhites-only guest list. While an apology was necessary, it does not absolve the event’s underlying discriminatory nature.

  1. The Boston Herald reported on the controversy:

The Boston Herald, a prominent local newspaper, extensively covered the controversy surrounding the nonwhites-only holiday party. The publication highlighted various perspectives and criticisms, emphasizing the racial tensions exacerbated by such exclusive events.

  1. The mayor’s defense of the party sparked criticism and accusations of racism:

Mayor Wu’s defense of the nonwhites-only holiday party triggered a strong backlash, with many accusing her of racism and promoting a divisive agenda. Critics argue that a leader representing all citizens should strive for unity rather than perpetuating racial divisions.

The Damaging Effects of Racism:

  1. The mayor’s marriage to a white person was mentioned as ironic:

As the controversy unfolded, some pointed out the irony of Mayor Wu’s marriage to a white person. This detail serves as a reminder that race alone does not define an individual’s values or beliefs. Such focus on personal relationships distracts from the larger issue at hand – the damaging effects of racism on society as a whole.

  1. Racialized policies and division only serve to harm society:

The incident involving the nonwhites-only holiday party in Boston exposes the dangers of racialized policies and divisions. Rather than fostering unity and fostering understanding, these actions exacerbate tensions and create a fractured society. It is crucial for leaders to reject such policies and work towards genuine inclusivity that values every citizen, regardless of their race or ethnicity.


The controversy surrounding Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s nonwhites-only holiday party highlights the obsession with race and the damaging effects of racism. While some defended the event as progress, it is clear that segregating individuals based on their race undermines the principles of equality and inclusion we should strive for as a society. Moving forward, it is important for leaders to promote unity, understanding, and acceptance, rather than perpetuating divisions along racial lines. Only by embracing our shared humanity can we hope to build a society that is truly inclusive and free from discrimination.

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